[REVIEW] Nourin

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Ratings And Stuff

Art & Animation 7/10

Music & Sound 6.75/10

Character(s) 6.75/10

Story & Plot 6.5/10

Ending & Conclusion 6.5/10

Personal Enjoyment 6.5/10


DF’s Thoughts…

What the fuck happened with this show?

Nourin, a show where something something potential something declined into a downward spiral of nonsense.

The good: comedy, jokes, references
The bad: supporting character(s)
The ugly: everything else

Slice of life ☑, Rom-com ☑, School life ☑, Ecchi ☑. So it hit all my personal shit taste check marks yet, I was this close to dropping it prematurely (that’s what she said). For what it’s worth, the show started out decent. Some comedy, some light-hearted-ish character interactions, and the usual rom-com fanfare. Somewhere along the line, the show turned on it’s “wtf mode”. Random points of drama, random acts of a convoluted storyline, and an ending sequence that was downright disgusting. The ending seemingly came out of fucking left field and felt like a random bump along an already bumpy as fuck rollercoaster school bus ride. Fuck you producers.

All in all, the show had a really similar feeling to [BOKURA WA MINNA KAWAISOU] or [SAKURASOU] except those shows had some proper direction and characters that complemented the plot itself. If you really feel like watching this shit, I suggest you keep your trigger finger at the helm and get ready to skip some parts here and there. Trust me, you’ll need it.

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