[REVIEW] Nisekoi Season 02

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Ratings And Stuff

Art & Animation 8.75/10
Music & Sound 8.5/10
Character(s) 8.5/10
Story & Plot 8.5/10
Ending & Conclusion 8.25/10
Personal Enjoyment 8.5/10


DF’s Thoughts…

DF’s girl rankings before watching the second season:

  1. Kosaki Onodera
  2. Marika Tachibana
  3. Chitoge Kirisaki
  4. Seishiro Tsugumi

DF’s girl rankings after watching the second season:

  1. Marika Tachibana
  2. Chitoge Kirisaki
  3. Kosaki Onodera
  4. Haru Onodera
  5. Seishiro Tsugumi

Marika > all. Chitoge over older Onodera. Haru slightly above Tsugumi.

Well, for what it’s worth Nisekoi S2 did a pretty decent job as a sequel. I was still entertained in the same style as the first season, and then some. What I did really appreciate this time around were the minor side stories/episodes they did on Shu and Ruri (side characters), and the flashbacks to reveal certain details about a few characters- it really added to the overall feeling of completeness within the Nisekoi universe.

Of course, with the manga recently finished and released (I heard certain Nisekoi fans got trolled so hard), I’ll be holding off on any more anime until I finish that up. I most likely won’t start from chapter 001 as I’m sure the anime adapted quite a bit already…. yeah, who am I kidding; chapter 001 let’s goooooo.

DF, over and out.


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