[REVIEW] Nisekoi (season 01)

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Ratings And Stuff

Art & Animation 8.75/10
Music & Sound 8.25/10
Character(s) 8.5/10
Story & Plot 8.25/10
Ending & Conclusion 8.25/10
Personal Enjoyment 8.5/10


DF’s Thoughts…

Nisekoi, the show where everybody has fucking memory loss.

As per Shaft’s usual style, Nisekoi features their usual artistic direction and elements. You know- the abstract artwork, distinct backgrounds, saturated colors, and the right blend of clean versus cute aesthetics. Shaft has always held a unique creativity compared to other anime studios and they sure haven’t lost a step with Nisekoi.

What really surprised me going in (partially-blind) was the pacing of the show. It was surprising quick on the trigger for a rom-com show. The plot advanced fairly quickly though a lot of moments were fucky, nitpick-able, and fucked by deus ex machina’s huge plot boner.

You fuck twats bother keeping journals/diaries detailing your day-to-day escapades during childhood but never bothered to write down any fucking names? Fuck you Nisekoi, fuck you.

Characters were fairly enjoyable. The actual personalities don’t sway much from the genre itself but the way the characters were directed and how they interacted with each other (Shaft style) made them a joy to watch. I might consider the male lead, Raku, the weak link among the main characters but it’s nothing too dire. More importantly, I totally understand the waifu wars between the female romantic interests. It’s fucking widespread within the anime circle and, well, let’s say we all know who the best girl really is… (whistles).


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