[REVIEW] Noragami Aragoto

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Ratings And Stuff
Art & Animation 7.5/10
Music & Sound 7.75/10
Character(s) 7.75/10
Story & Plot 7.5/10
Ending & Conclusion 7.25/10
Personal Enjoyment 7.5/10


DF’s Thoughts…

Is it just me, or are sequels never really as good as its predecessors?

Same old goodness with the same old lovable cast of characters from the previous season. The formula wasn’t changed much but something about this season made it feel slightly lackluster compared to season 01. Though, they did do a decent job in extending the story and adding a very healthy amount of new characters to the show.

From my recollection, the show was pretty much split into two halves. The first part of the show focused heavily on the character, Bishamon. The second half of the show focused more heavily on our male lead, Yato. Not an awful creative decision but it sometimes made the show feel like it was dragging on for an eternity.

The comedy prevailed less in this season as it was more plot-heavy and character-driven to give the audience a sense of “completion”. Despite that, it still left a plot line unfinished as a casual “fuck you, read the manga” type of shit.

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