[REVIEW] Nanatsu no Taizai


Nanatsu no Taizai


The Seven Deadly Sins




8.25 / 10


It’s been a while since I’ve been able to watch such a “complete” show.


(clap), (clap), …, (clap).

Seriously, this show was a wonderful experience from start to end. Nanatsu no Taizai brought literally everything to the table- the laughs, the cheap thrills, spurts of comedy, character development, immersive action sequences, story progression, proper pacing, hell, it even gave us fucking ecchi as an added bonus.

Also, A+ for the music and sound composer(s) for this series- very fitting (and unexpected) tracks that are not usually found from an action/adventure-based anime.

The episodes didn’t drag out that much but still gave us plenty of plot direction and progression. What I truly appreciated was the fact that it was able to maintain a certain degree of lightheartedness within its genre. Not entirely slapstick comedy but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t entertaining.

If you were to ask me, this is the epitome of a well-made shounen battle anime. It gives you everything you ask for, and then some.


The manga is still ongoing (as of this post) (lol), and it seems to branch off into a new arc after the anime’s ending. Just FYI, that’s roughly chapter 101.









[REVIEW] Nisekoi (season 01)

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Subgroup Used


Ratings And Stuff

Art & Animation 8.75/10
Music & Sound 8.25/10
Character(s) 8.5/10
Story & Plot 8.25/10
Ending & Conclusion 8.25/10
Personal Enjoyment 8.5/10


DF’s Thoughts…

Nisekoi, the show where everybody has fucking memory loss.

As per Shaft’s usual style, Nisekoi features their usual artistic direction and elements. You know- the abstract artwork, distinct backgrounds, saturated colors, and the right blend of clean versus cute aesthetics. Shaft has always held a unique creativity compared to other anime studios and they sure haven’t lost a step with Nisekoi.

What really surprised me going in (partially-blind) was the pacing of the show. It was surprising quick on the trigger for a rom-com show. The plot advanced fairly quickly though a lot of moments were fucky, nitpick-able, and fucked by deus ex machina’s huge plot boner.

You fuck twats bother keeping journals/diaries detailing your day-to-day escapades during childhood but never bothered to write down any fucking names? Fuck you Nisekoi, fuck you.

Characters were fairly enjoyable. The actual personalities don’t sway much from the genre itself but the way the characters were directed and how they interacted with each other (Shaft style) made them a joy to watch. I might consider the male lead, Raku, the weak link among the main characters but it’s nothing too dire. More importantly, I totally understand the waifu wars between the female romantic interests. It’s fucking widespread within the anime circle and, well, let’s say we all know who the best girl really is… (whistles).


[REVIEW] Noragami

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Subgroup Used

FFF [main]

BlurayDesuYo(DameDesuYo) [OADs]

Ratings And Stuff

Art & Animation 7.5/10
Music & Sound 7.75/10
Character(s) 7.75/10
Story & Plot 7.75/10
Ending & Conclusion 7.5/10
Personal Enjoyment 8/10


DF’s Thoughts…

A real gem; almost drowned out in the rom-com ridden year of 2014

Noragami is fucking excellent. An action-packed supernatural show with tones of comedy and plenty of lightheartedness. It had real snarky humor at times, with a combination of deadpan and tsukkomi-boke humor as well. Fun characters all around and each of them bringing their own flair to the show. Male lead, Yato, is an amazing motherfucker.

The art was very fitting to the show’s theme although some scenes were a bit lacking at times. The animation(s) remained fluid though. What I really enjoyed was the music/sounds/tones used throughout the show. Very good tracks for a “action-oriented” show. Also, the VAs chosen were terrific. Male lead voiced by my favorite male VA was a huge bonus!

The ending sequences for the show was a bit lacking in comparison to the core of the story. It left some loose ends and things unexplained but luckily there is a season 02 after this so hopefully the aforementioned gets wrapped up once and for all.

Also, go watch the two OADs, they were hilarious.

[REVIEW] Trinity Seven

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Subgroup Used

BlurayDesuYo (DameDesuYo)

Ratings And Stuff

Art & Animation 7.25/10
Music & Sound 7.5/10
Character(s) 7/10
Story & Plot 7/10
Ending & Conclusion 7/10
Personal Enjoyment 7.25/10


DF’s Thoughts…

The nonchalant attitudes of most of our characters, the obvious harem right from the start,  the under-aged-looking girls with giant tits; nothing new to me of course.

The show itself knew it wasn’t shit, the characters acted like their show wasn’t shit, but even then– what really rubbed me the wrong way ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) was the fact that the show kept shoving it in my face ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). They took extra extra care to ensure that I was aware that their show was ecchi first, serious second.

Male lead, again, wasn’t shit but had enough perverted spunk to him that can be mistaken for charisma. The girls were kawaii for the most part. Artwork was iffy at times but animation was consistent. Good music though.

“Tense” situations were full of gag, sex,  and jokes. The “battles” were a joke for the most part. It’s the typical “I power up, you power up, I do a few moves, you do a move or two and knock me out, rinse and repeat…” type of shit. It also has that cardinal fucking sin of fighting built right into the fucking show. “I CAUGHT YOU OFF GUARD WITH A SURPRISE ATTACK, LET ME YELL OUT THE NAME OF MY SUPER AWESOME MOVE AS WELL AS YOUR FULL NAME BEFORE I ATTEMPT TO HIT YOU!!!”. Then again, if you were looking to watch this kind of show for the action– you’re doing it wrong.

Conclusion wasn’t shit, it’s the usual “GO READ/BUY THE MANGA/LIGHT NOVEL!” type of wrap up. I hate those things to death but can’t say I blame the author(s), c’est a vie.

The usual harem character selections, with the typical interactions, with the all-too-familiar scenarios. A slight step above your ctrl+c / ctrl+v seasonal shows but still doesn’t rank that high overall.

[REVIEW] Nourin

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Subgroup Used


Ratings And Stuff

Art & Animation 7/10

Music & Sound 6.75/10

Character(s) 6.75/10

Story & Plot 6.5/10

Ending & Conclusion 6.5/10

Personal Enjoyment 6.5/10


DF’s Thoughts…

What the fuck happened with this show?

Nourin, a show where something something potential something declined into a downward spiral of nonsense.

The good: comedy, jokes, references
The bad: supporting character(s)
The ugly: everything else

Slice of life ☑, Rom-com ☑, School life ☑, Ecchi ☑. So it hit all my personal shit taste check marks yet, I was this close to dropping it prematurely (that’s what she said). For what it’s worth, the show started out decent. Some comedy, some light-hearted-ish character interactions, and the usual rom-com fanfare. Somewhere along the line, the show turned on it’s “wtf mode”. Random points of drama, random acts of a convoluted storyline, and an ending sequence that was downright disgusting. The ending seemingly came out of fucking left field and felt like a random bump along an already bumpy as fuck rollercoaster school bus ride. Fuck you producers.

All in all, the show had a really similar feeling to [BOKURA WA MINNA KAWAISOU] or [SAKURASOU] except those shows had some proper direction and characters that complemented the plot itself. If you really feel like watching this shit, I suggest you keep your trigger finger at the helm and get ready to skip some parts here and there. Trust me, you’ll need it.

[REVIEW] Mekakucity Actors

MAL Link

Subgroup Used

Ratings And Stuff
Animation 7/10
Music & Sound 7.25/10
Character(s) 7/10
Story & Plot ??/10
Ending & Conclusion ??/10
Personal Enjoyment 6.5/10


DROPPED— so I don’t wanna.

DF’s Thoughts…

DROPPED— so I don’t wanna.

You know what’s kinda sad about all of this? After tasting the ecstasy that is the [Monogatari series (also from SHAFT studios)], I’ve become so desensitized to the elements of this show. The abstractness, the witty dialogue, the character interactions, all of it to be honest– didn’t hit home with me that much, which is a shame considering this show seems like it would do all right otherwise.

So basically, the show is episodic but has story lines that intertwine each character into one another. You’ll follow one character for an episode, move on to another character for the next episode or two, but then see the first character bump into the second character through… some sort of twist of fate. Sounds clunky but it works for the most part.

To be totally honest, it really wasn’t that fun to watch. It was “artful” and very SHAFT-like but not enough oomph behind the entertainment. IMO, it was like watching a throwaway show that had potential at first but didn’t do much with it/amount to anything. It had a damn good OST though that’s for sure.

[REVIEW] Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

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Subgroup Used

Procrastinating (Sekai-Subs)

Ratings And Stuff
Art & Animation 8.25/10
Music & Sound 8.5/10
Character(s) 8.5/10
Story & Plot 8.5/10
Ending & Conclusion 8/10

Personal Enjoyment 8.5/10


DF’s Thoughts…

This right here, is how you “handle” rom-coms. What’s the secret? You don’t make it the main focus. This show pulled off an amazing rom-com/SOL combo that provided entertainment from start to finish. I was seriously upset that there were no more episodes by series’ end.

It’s been a while since there’s been a show where each and every character was freaking fun as hell to watch and experience. Not only that, but the show featured a superb female lead that held her own weight and provided endless amounts of entertainment for the audience. She is the one-in-few female protagonists I’ve encountered that is capable of such things and must be commended (her writers as well) for it.

The show was able to showcase different types of comedy. Whether it was simple slapstick comedy, gag humor, or even simpler methods such as shock&grin, or stereotypical anime “funnies”– the show executed them all very well.

What also stood out to me, was the incredible OST. My first thoughts were the similarities (of epicness) that it shared with Persona (video game series). It had Persona-esque music that were just amazing in general and led to some major eargasms. Great pieces that worked well with every scene.

The show is, without an doubt, one of the best shows I’ve watched in it’s genre and certainly one of the best shows released in 2014. Go and grab this, binge-watch it from start to finish, and just sit back in thorough satisfaction.

[REVIEW] Amagi Brilliant Park

MAL Link


Subgroup used

Coalgirls(Vivid), BluRayDesuYo

Ratings and stuff

Art&Animation 8/10

Music&Sound 8/10

Characters 8/10

Story&Plot 7.75/10

Ending&Conclusion 7.5/10

Personal Enjoyment 8/10


DF’s thoughts…

Great piece of work that nary had a dull moment. Outstanding cast of characters that were a ton of fun to watch. Beautiful scenery, frames, and artwork that served as satisfying eye candy. Great humor in general yet the show was flexible enough to have its tense moments really ham it up quite well.

Male lead is a snob, but he is damn good at it. He’s one of those types you would want to lead your show as he has a rather charismatic side to him. Female lead was not bad although she was characteristically monotone for a little too much of the show. Needed that kick in the ass to push her over.

Though it had some grindy/head-scratching points (as do all shows), in the end, ABP is an EASY recommend to watch. If anything, I would kill for some more moe moe eye candy. Freaking KyoAni and their unrivaled skill to make some pretty ass girls man, I swear. They have the art game on lockdown. KyoAni with another beauty to add to their portfolio, season 02, when?

[UPDATE] Pulse check 1, 2

Review(s) pending:

Amagi Brilliant Park (2014)

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun (2014)


Currently watching:

Mekakucity Actors (2014)


[REVIEW] Black Bullet

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Subgroup used


Random screenies


Arbitrary scoring system

Art | Animation = 7.5/10
Music | Sound = 7/10
Story | Plot(content) = 6.5/10
Characters = 6.5/10
Ending | Conclusion = NA/10

Personal enjoyment = 6.5/10

DF’s thoughts

Cute girls doing cute things killing, and fucking shit up.

Black Bullet is a… odd show for me.

Update: Well fuck, I end up dropping this crap after ~6.5 episodes.

This show is confusing and needs a legit identity check. Not sure what the fuck they were trying to do. The action sequences were either pretty cool or downright pathetic. Characters were all hit-or-miss. “Sexy time” was forced as fuck. Male lead is corny and needs some pointers in life.

Well, at least the art was pretty damn clean and the music was good for the most part so it had that going for it I guess.

The first few episodes were ~~okay I suppose… but then the shit just kept dragging and dragging and dragging. I was no longer enjoying myself and it literally was a hassle to get through episodes. It was time to let it go.

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