[REVIEW] Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo


English title: Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

Japanese title: 山田くんと7人の魔女

Aired: 2015

Genre(s): Ecchi, Comedy, Romance, School, “Harem”, Supernatural, Shounen

My rating: 8.75/10

TL;DR: “If nothing, watch this show for the FUCKING POWERHOUSE cast of voice actors/actresses.”

The good: You ever get second-hand blue balls from certain ‘romance’ or ‘harem’ anime shows cause nobody ever makes it to first base? This show will cure it. A-L-L . O-F . I-T. Also, Saori Hayami still remains my favorite female VA ever. Also also, I was wrong about best girl, oh my god. She’s been there all along 😦 .

The bad: The ending was… ironic.

The ugly: Great, now I have to marathon through the fucking manga asap. Over 200+ chapters. As if I don’t have other things to catch up on.

Eye candy:

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