So, about that rating scale…


I’m actually a very lenient grader and not that harsh when critiquing shit so my rating scale is a little… fucked.

  • I tend not to rate things that I’ve dropped because rating a show that I couldn’t bother finishing would be unfair and distasteful (though it speaks for itself, eh eh). I can offer a impression rating but that’s about it
  • I refuse to give anything a “10”. If I handed out 10’s, then that means that particular show was perfect, flawless, and the epitome of perfection. In my eyes, that is an impossible platform to reach no matter how hard one might try

1/10 – “This show made me contemplate suicidal thoughts”

Send help.

2/10 – “What am I doing with my life”

If I actually watched something and rated it this low, that means I instinctively confessed that I wasted xx time of my life.

3/10 – “The fuck is this crap?!”

You done fucked up if you produced a show that I would rate lower than a 4. That means something about this show really ticked me off.

4/10 – “This is a bad show, and you should feel bad”

Are you guys even trying? Is the lead editor, producer, and director of this animation a fucking 12 year old fuck boy?

5/10 – “Neutral/It’s ‘something’ at least”

Congrats, your designs and drawings made it to animation and you were able to incorporate music, sound, and some sort of story.

6/10 – “Mediocre show but saved by the bell”

Your show is an average piece of shit but there was at least one(1) element of the show that manage to catch my eye. Lucky you. Hurray, bonzai, huzzah!

7/10 – “Hey, not bad at all but still came up short”

Your show struck a decent balance of art, music, characters, and story. It had some good moments but I found myself sometimes averting my eyes and doing other things while this show plays in the background. The negatives outweighed the positives thus affecting your overall score.

8/10 – “Great fucking show; good game, well played”

I enjoyed the show very much and wouldn’t mind revisiting some moments to cop a feel or two. Art was wonderful, music was good, characters were likable, and the general plot was well done. Unfortunately, there was a one (or two) minor detail(s) that I disliked which prevented your show from receiving my “9/10”.

9/10 – “Top tier show, I will fight you if you disagree”

This is pretty much my “10/10”. This score is reserved for my favorite shows that managed to hit all the right buttons and strike all the right chords in regards to my tastes. Shows in this tier would have me on the net looking at miscellaneous stuff related to the show itself. Every show at this level has some sort of rewatchability.

10/10 – “…”

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