[REVIEW] Triage X

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Random screenies

Arbitrary scoring system

Art | Animation = 7/10
Music | Sound = 7/10
Story | Plot(content) = 6.5/10
Characters = 6.5/10
Ending | Conclusion = 6/10
Personal enjoyment = 6/10

DF’s thoughts…

  • Boobs, boobs, insert action sequence here, boobs, insert action sequence there, boobs, another action sequence please, boobs
  • The sexualization of everything is impressive, I ain’t even mad but… (chuckles)
  • From the same author who bought you [ High School of The Dead ]; explains the all too familiar atmosphere of this show
  • Despite the previous point, Triage X doesn’t come even close in terms of execution and overall “plot direction” as HoTD
  • The action sequences were pretty nice at least
  • The male lead in this show didn’t always feel like one. At times he was pushed into the background allowing for the other female cast to shine
  • Final words: “It tried to do a lot of everything and accomplished close to nothing”

DF presents: the skim series (i)

So I figured I’d take a little breather from my normal runs in attempts to skim through some older shows that I abandoned/purged from my storage. Don’t expect my usual TL;DR format here; in fact, it’ll be TL;DR;Y/N/M;KTHXBAI

[GJM] Danchigai - 01 [DE0BA90F].mkv_snapshot_02.54_[2016.01.19_23.26.53].pngDanchigai (2015) cute little family SOL;  7/10; yes watch

[orz] Girlfriend (Kari) 12 [9A9D7034].mkv_snapshot_20.22_[2016.01.20_01.04.59].pngGirlfriend (KARI) (2014) moe moe eyecandy moeblob; 5/10; no watch

[Chihiro]_Absolute_Duo_-_02v2_[720p_Hi10P_AAC][8B6D3E4A].mkv_snapshot_20.06_[2016.01.20_01.27.57].pngAbsolute Duo (2015) generic harem action show with slightly above average characters; 6.5/10; maybe watch

[DameDesuYo] Junketsu no Maria - 08 (1280x720 10bit AAC) [DB0FCA31].mkv_snapshot_00.25_[2016.01.20_17.24.38].pngJunketsu no Maria (2015) fantasy/historical-based show with a hint of modern twists, jokes, and innuendos; 7/10; yes watch

[Lazy Lily] Sakura Trick - 01 [720p][2x Subs][8BE4E0A5].mkv_snapshot_13.05_[2016.01.20_20.05.09].pngSakura Trick (2014) moe moe lesbian romantic comedy; 6.5/10; maybe watch


[REVIEW] Grisaia no Rakuen

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Random screenies

Arbitrary scoring system

Art/Animation = 7.5/10

Music/Sound = 7.5/10

Story/Plot(content) = 8/10

Characters = 7.5/10

Ending/Conclusion = 7.5/10

Overall Enjoyment = 7.75/10

DF says…

The Grisaia universe in a nutshell?

  • godlike characters (even the supporting ones!)
  • superb male protagonist
  • entertaining and thorough story line

As far as this season goes– at times it was more far-fetched than season 01 [ KAJITSU ]. Everything seemed to be really upscaled to a really grand level; the action sequences, the tension, the drama, conflict, and everything in between. Of course, in that aspect the overall enjoyability of this season also increased. To my great satisfaction, this season pretty much tied up most, if not, all of the loose ends and unexplained stories related to our characters and mainly, our male lead’s past. A+ for everything.

[REVIEW] Grisaia no Meikyuu: Caprice no Mayu 0

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Subgroup used


Random screenies

Arbitrary scoring system

Art/Animation = 7.25/10

Music/Sound = 7/10

Story/Plot(content) = 7.5/10

Characters = 7/10

Ending/Conclusion = 7.25/10

Overall Enjoyment = 7.25/10

DF says…

What a bummer. I came in expecting to learn more about Yuuji’s (male lead) past and more about his relations with Asako (his master) and I ended up only achieving the former. Sure, it was great learning more about our male lead but where them other details at?! Hopefully, they’ll further explore this story as I watch the 2nd season. As for the show itself? It was basically an extended OVA– an episode “zero(0)” if you will. It’s more than an episode’s worth but less than a movie’s caliber. A decent transition to fill in the gaps.

Shokugeki no Souma

[FFF] Shokugeki no Souma - 02 [7845D7A6].mkv_snapshot_12.33_[2015.10.30_01.28.22]

MAL link : http://myanimelist.net/anime/28171/Shokugeki_no_Souma

Releases : 24 TV episodes, manga still ongoing (141+ chapters)

Subs used : FFF

DF’s status : watched and… completed!

Art/Animation : 8.5/10

Music/Sound : 8/10

Characters : 8.5/10

Story/Plot : 8.25/10

Overall/Enjoyment 8.5/10

Thoughts, and things:

  • VERY strong resemblance to [Prince of Tennis]; young kid with amazing talent, father has legendary background, father and son faced off/trained since young age, etc, etc
  • Some side characters = useless
  • Has food porn gone too far?
  • Souma is good protagonist and a very fun show lead
  • A lot of diverse characters all things considered
  • The borderline hentai food orgasms are hilarious
  • Show has a real good sense of humor
  • Great aesthetics with awesome chibi reaction scenes
  • I like the fact that they give some time to incorporate side characters into the story; a lost art in anime tbh
  • Star-studded VAs in this show
  • I liked OP2 and ED1 versus OP1 and ED2, oddly enough
  • All in all, SnS is pretty much a shounen battle show but with food as it’s main theme
  • The ending was CRIMINALLY anti-climatic, like what the fuck sour taste in my mouth
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