Haiyore! Nyaruko-san


MAL link: Haiyore! season 01 || Haiyore! season 02

Total episode count: 12 ep + 1 ova (s1) || 12 ep + 1 ova (s2) || 1 ova || 20 misc. specials

Subs used: TenB (s1) || FFF (s2)

DF’s status: watched and completed season 01, will go through season 02 immediately

Season 01

Art/Animation: 7.5/10

Music/Sounds: 7/10

Characters: 7.5/10

Story/Plot: 7/10

Overall rating: 7.5/10

Season 02

Art/Animation: na/10

Music/Sounds: na/10

Characters: na/10

Story/Plot: na/10

Overall rating: na/10

DF says…

This show is extremely wacky tacky– and I like it. Even when the pacing picks up and shit seemingly “gets real”, the show knows how to pull it back and reaffirm that it is a fun and comedy-based show. The show pretty much mocks and parodies a lot of tropes in the industry and barely takes its own self seriously, so turn the brain off and just have fun here folks.


Sukitte Ii na yo.



  • +1 to dropped shows; ~4 episodes through
  • Typical high school romance setting with typical developments and stories cliche ✓
  • Coolest guy in school drowns in vagina yet has no interest in any of them cliche ✓
  • Said cool guy becomes attracted to mysterious social outcast girl cliche ✓
  • Aforementioned vagina(s) that male lead drowns in becomes upset that he likes mysterious social outcast girl cliche ✓
  • OP is barely acceptable… The song has an amateurish feel to it
  • ED is terrible, the singer sounds so unenthusiastic and lackadaisical
  • As far as the artwork is concerned, it’s damn aesthetic but I don’t like how big the girls’ eyes are. Is this really 2012? That big-eye style fell off years ago. I did however, like when the animation changes from normal to cartoony-animated from time to time; made for some good humor
  • This pretty sums up how I felt after watching the first few episodes:


  • FWIW, it’s not a bad show per se, but I’ll be damned if I had to sit through anymore of these high school shows with teenage angst and growing through life/puberty type of shit, ugh

Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan



  • +1 to dropped shows; managed about two (2) episodes
  • I have no idea what this show was trying to do. SOL? Food porn? Harem? Comedy? Drama? Magical fantasy?
  • It’s really a shame and such a waste considering the rather good artwork, designs, and the ensemble of some really good VAs (including one of my favorite male VAs: Kamiya, Hiroshi)
  • OP is garbage. I don’t think that type of song is the right mood for this type of show
  • ED is on some kiddy sing along pg-13 type of shit, the fuck man?
  • If there is anything I took away from this show, it’s that bread is love, bread is life. So here are some random pictures of bread



TV series:

  • The artwork can sometimes be subpar but it’s well-drawn for the most part; even some standout moments like:


  • I thought the OP was mediocre the first few listens but it somewhat grew on me
  • ED was a great listen. A slow and soothing ballet with equally as good visuals
  • I’m already familiar with this particular zombie/revival setup in other media but as far as anime is concerned, this was the first
  • The characters were all useless fodder trash. The father character is a fucking creep too
  • My face during some of the later parts of the show– especially the ending sequences (yawns):



  • Episode “00” – A backstory-ish plot serving as a prequel to the main storyline. Nothing too spectacular going on here
  • Episode “13” – Some decent visuals and sounds. It felt like any other episode from the main series
  • Episode “14” – A bit of a messy episode. My attention was definitely lost a few times here and there

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai!


TV series:

  • Such a heartwarming story from start to end
  • OP is okay, somewhat catchy I guess
  • I enjoyed the ED much more; the visuals in it were also pretty fun to watch
  • A unique premise as far as I know, haven’t seen this setup before
  • Very cute slice of life although it did get a bit sluggish (like all SOLs tend to do) towards the middle/end
  • The characters didn’t do shit for me, unfortunately


  • Why did this type of show have the typical onsen/bath episode? I am confused yet my boner is aroused.


  • The first OVA was fan-service (oddly enough) and some random shit here and there. Surprisingly, the ending switched it up for the better
  • The second OVA can be a real hit in the feels. So heartwarming I think my kororo has a fever now.

Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne!


Art & Animation

  • Kudos to the drawers and animators for this show. Art is modern and easy on the eyes, animation is fluid for the most part
  • Character designs weren’t anything unique but nothing to nitpick at
  • I really liked Arashi Nikaidou ‘s design, that eye patch + eye color(s) + tanned skin + red hair was alluring as fuck


  • OP is composed of cute and funny scenes but the song itself wasn’t anything special
  • ED is cute but again, the song itself wasn’t anything special
  • Not much stood out to me as far as ambient and background sounds go


  • Surprisingly witty characters and dialogue
  • The characters were all archetype classifiable (yes, even the guy) but entertaining nonetheless


  • Lol really?


  • The source of entertainment are the interactions and dynamics between the characters
  • The show doesn’t rely that heavily on the incestual themes
  • It might lose your attention towards the ending episodes. Be strong, my friends
  • The six (6) specials are strictly fan service (as if the main series didn’t provide enough) so they’re entirely skippable (yawns)
  • Would recommend for harem/rom-com/ecchi watchers

Oda Nobuna no Yabou


  • +1 to dropped shows; ~6 episodes in
  • OP is so-so, the ED was slightly better but the singer’s voice sounds a little rough and unrefined
  • TL;DR? replace the manly men of the Sengoku Era and replace them with a bunch of cute girls and shit
  • Quite an extensive list of VAs. I’ve watched and enjoyed their work before so that was a huge plus
  • The artwork is pretty good. I dislike the pointy sharp hairstyles but it’s all good nonetheless
  • The premise of a guy time-traveling back to a nation’s warring states period isn’t new to me as I’ve watched that concept before in other non-anime shows… so there’s that
  • It was a pretty entertaining show… for a while. After a while it actually quite stale and lost my attention, thus resulting in the drop
  • Something about the show really captivated me. I can’t quite put my finger on it…

Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!


  • +1 to dropped shows; four (4) episodes
  • The art isn’t too awful although a bit subpar for 2012 standards
  • OP is rather catchy to bump along with. I can’t say the same for the ED however
  • I’m sorry, but the premise for this show is so stupid
  • The long-lost sister girl is annoying as fuck. She plays this anonymous game with the male lead that’s actually rather annoying and not even remotely funny; fuck her.
  • The fact that this show is relying on such a weak ass plot line gets on my nerves. Good job you lousy ass writers
  • The writers like to do this “just when you thought XXX, it’s really YYY, and ZZZ happened!” thing. It doesn’t add anything to the show, in fact it comes off looking stupid as hell
  • want to say that the show was mocking the imouto-loving trope found throughout the industry but that might be giving them too much credit
  • This is what they mean by a generic and stereotypical “harem”. The girls’ very existence is to serve as eye candy. They have to be involved with the male lead in one way or another or they’ll melt or some shit. Do you even dignity, girls? And to top it all off, they ain’t even that kawaii either, fuck.

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate


  • +1 to dropped shows; ~3 episodes or so
  • Did you say… chocolate?!
  • Some decent eye candy (chuckles); didja see what I did there?
  • “Whoa, holy shit” intro into a stereotypical beginning into a normal high school club show?; my creative boner is confused
  • The art is… strange? Here’s some screenies:
  • I can’t tell if borderline aesthetic or uniquely above average? I mean, the art looks really fucking flat from an artistic standpoint; as if the characters are performing in front of a green screen. It might just be me though, it’s not something somebody would usually notice I know! It’s looks similar to visual novel artwork [ click for example ]
  • Both the OP and ED were pretty good. The former being an upbeat uptempo piece and the latter a nice and slow ballad
  • A case of one of the tropes(?) I hate in anime; an overpowered student body/council. It’s one of the most boring and poorly used angles in history; oh my god
  • Very political, not enough chocolate, pretty decent humor however

Kill Me Baby


  • +1 to dropped shows; one (1) and done
  • The OP was probably the most ear-raping shit I’ve listened to by far. Like, wtf, producers
  • The ED was surprisingly much better, a bit catchy, even
  • This show had TV short written all over it. What a waste of potential
  • Had a very low-budget feel to it. Further cementing my ^ above statement
  • I think Kill Me Baby was going for the nonsensical humor and slapstick comedy type of style. Could have worked… as a TV short (lol)
  • Might be worth a watch if you get seriously bored out of your mind but even then, that’s a big maybe
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