Infinite Stratos Season 01 (2011)

Best girl rankings

0) Chifuyu Orimura
1) Charlotte Dunois
2) Laura Bodewig
3) Houki Shinonono
4) Lingyin Huang
5) Cecilia Alcott

Don’t @ me.




[REVIEW] Baketeriya










  • Before reading…Supernatural genre “ooooh, nice”
  • After reading… (sighs)
  • Male lead has some sort of aspect of him (plot armor) which keeps him relevant
  • Monsters, boobies, ecchi; oh my
  • Messy ass story line
  • Nonsensical ass characters
  • Fast-forward/scene skipping evident
  • Baketeriya = some action (“fighting”) + minor romance aspects + “plot twists”
  • The end.


“what the fuck is even going on?”

[REVIEW] Hadi Girl



Hadi Girl


Embarrassed Girl



6.5 / 10


  • girl has extreme shyness-syndrome
  • girl gets a fairy godmother
  • fairy godmother and the “power of the heavens” make girl do extremely embarrassing tasks… or else
  • mfw said embarrassing tasks end up being some lightweight newbie shit
  • girl is cute though, so I’ll forgive her
  • girl catches feelings for one particular boy
  • on/off, on/off, sprinkle of melodrama added in, feelings become mutual
  • the tasks get completed
  • happy ending


“cute, but overly desperate. average-grading all around.”

Kiss x Sis

If you want, you can refer to this post by user wukp over at MAL:

If you want to watch chronologically then:
EP 1-3 of OVA > EP 1-9 of TV > EP 4 of OVA >EP 10-12 of TV > EP 5-12 of OVA.
It’s also the same order it araied.

  • +1 to dropped shows; a few episodes here and there
  • Ecchi, comedy, incest, oh my
  • Deus Ex siblings-not-related-by-blood Machina
  • All about that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) softcore
  • Incest = Wincest, but what the fuck man


TV series:

  • +1 to droppe– yeah the fuck right
  • Time travel, quantum theory, parallelism, paradoxical; I feel smarter already
  • Even though I dislike Sci-Fi shows in general, this was interesting enough to keep my attention
  • The pair of leads are terrific and they’re backed by a bunch of diverse characters; great voice actors all around as well
  • OP is so-so, ED is a nice listen; pretty good OST all in all
  • Sometimes the pacing slows to a crawl and or acts like a slice of life sci-fi life
  • Some themes, plots, and elements used in the show are par the course for time travel-themed shows. In other words, S;G didn’t bring anything new to the table per se
  • A beautiful show, not without it’s flaws but beautiful nevertheless


  • A nice little bonus to view after the main line. It picks up where the main story ended and extends the story a bit further for viewer satisfaction; romantic slice of life rating = high


  • A bit… underwhelming to be honest. It felt like a rehash of the original S;G story but switched the lead perspective from Okabe to Kurisu
  • The ending sequences felt a bit rushed
  • They really cemented the romance between the leads throughout the movie

Specials (cognitive computing):

  • Just some random comedic short promo(?) clips involving the S;G characters. Some more (~12 minutes) S;G in your life

some bonus Kurisu because she’s such a kawaii tsundere genius:


  • +1 to dropped shows; 3 episodes for this one
  • (sighs)
  • (looks at genre/tags) “school, comedy, ecchi, romance, harem”; well damn, this is my shit!
  • The content is of rather mature things (the show is rated R+, even) yet the characters look and sound like they’re in fucking middle school
  • Male lead = aspiring porn novel writer who gets erotic epiphanies when he becomes too aroused; lol
  • When I look at the VA list, most of them don’t seem to have much work under their belt aka weak and or new to the industry?
  • Plenty of ass and titties– that is, if you got your hands on the BD versions
  • I’ll file this one under the “useless show that was probably meant to make a quick buck/cash grab with BD sales”


  • +1 to dropped shows; got through 5 episodes.
  • An exaggerated take on slice of life + a variation of cute girls doing cute things = notbad.png
  • Ugh, 26 episodes? Come on Japan, slice of life shows don’t need 26 fucking episodes
  • over-the-top humor, slapstick comedy, jokes, puns; a totally random fuckfest
  • Clean and crisp artwork; very easy on the eyes
  • I should probably have enjoyed watching this but I’m not in that type of mood lately. Maybe I should revisit some of my dropped shows… sometime later.. in the future… maybe

Mashiroiro Symphony: The Color of Lovers

  • +1 to dropped shows; managed 2 episodes. I’m on a killing spree right now
  • Another VN-based adaptation, I believe (sighs)
  • Generic harem is generic
  • (monologue) “color of lovers? nice name I gue– Oh my god, all the girls have different color hair… is that why…?
  • The OP/ED is pretty okay aka not ear cancer
  • You know, being a veteran anime watcher now, I can see how some people can weed out and hate shows instantaneously. Never have I had the feeling of genericism so damn much lately
  • While you might say this show was good in 2011 and I’m being unfair critiquing it in 2015… fuck you. Good shows age well

Manyuu Hikenchou

  • +1 to dropped shows; 2 episodes only
  • The damn premise of the show = boobs > everything else, big boobs = win at life // small boobs = lose at life
  • What the fuck, opening minutes of first episode
  • I’m pretty sure I’m watching porn here
  • Female protagonist can absorb boobs (and those deflate too) to increase her own bust size
  • Yeah… no

Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi

  • +1 to dropped shows; managed 5/10 episodes
  • Totally… not what I expected
  • I hate the male protagonist’s name, “Taito”. In English, it sounds like “title”. It Japanese, it sounds like “態度 (Taido)” or “attitude”. Such a distracting name especially when they repeat it so many damn times
  • The art looks pretty good; eveerything is very colorful
  • it’s like… a shounen battle show with pretty artwork and better(?) dialogue
  • I will admit, the show will probably be good for you people who are into that supernatural/fantasy/magic type of stuff; not my cup of tea though
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