Tayutama: Kiss on My Deity


  • ^ my exact emotions, in the exact order, as I progressed through this series
  • however, this show was as bland as boiled chicken breast served with steamed broccoli and steamed rice (no sriracha)
  • the supernatural aspects- yeah, okay I get it
  • the whole situation with the deities, spirits, and shit- yeah I can see where you’re going with this
  • but then it’s like… so now what?
  • I hate open endings, fuck you producers
  • all in all– it’s a cutesy little piece of shit, like your neighbor’s 2 year old

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu



  • another well known/infamous/legendary piece of work (for… kinda the wrong reasons)
  • the 2009 version compromises of the original broadcast + some added material + some added material + some added material + some added material + some added material + some added material + some added material + some added material
  • I didn’t think it was great
  • I did enjoy watching the movie though, surprisingly
  • the character relations, interactions, and dynamics (wut) didn’t click together that smoothly
  • story-wise… it was all over the place
  • very slice of life without the life part?
  • if you ever needed a reason to watch it, just do it for the sake of watching it– one of us, one of us, one of us

Sora no Otoshimono


  • beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, ugly (jk)
  • a definite case of “don’t judge an anime by its first episode” – Barack Obama
  • the story gets so fucking deep and touching that I forget wtf I am actually watching (an comedic ecchi harem)
  • still, plenty of ecchi though so don’t fret
  • all in all, a classic harem with great females
  • beautiful OST
  • season 01 = great
  • season 02 = great
  • movies = okay but could be better (the final movie was absolute shit in regards to covering the source material)
  • manga = GOAT
  • seriously, the manga is a must-read to get any form of satisfactory conclusion to the series

Sora no Manimani


  • mediocre-ish attempt of a school slice of life with hints of romance
  • the only anime I watched where there’s a secondary focus (astronomy) in the school life
  • comedy is a hit or miss
  • the character themselves are all hits or misses
  • aesthetically looking skies (astronomy-focused… it better be)
  • too much of a chillax slice of life; border-line snooze

Seitokai no Ichizon


  • this show surprised me, in a very good way
  • funny as fuck
  • characters clicked very well together and were all enjoyable to watch
  • male lead = top harem (snorts) lead
  • 4th wall broken often
  • A LOT of references to the industry, other anime, and other shit; you might need this list

Princess Lover!


  • this show is aesthetic as fuck
  • ecchi because, reasons
  • male lead = like-able, harem chick magnet par the course
  • female lead = useless
  • it could’ve survived being a comedic school harem type of show but the action aspects of the show made it pretty unique
  • that said; the action sequences were very silly, damn near SMH-worthy at times

Nyan Koi!


  • harem by definition, but not really in terms of feel
  • very entertaining to watch, I did not look away that much
  • male lead = dense fucker
  • Kanako = best girl, clearly
  • good overall story pacing and development, albeit a bit silly at times
  • one of the greatest piano pieces I’ve heard in a comedy-based show = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoqtwx6IaM0&list=WL&index=3



  • very SHAFT in production
  • comedy was a hit or miss
  • you activated my trap card, hint hint
  • female protagonist was entertaining enough to watch
  • Matsurika Shinouji = one of the best anime maids
  • there was a season 02, even though I felt like there wasn’t a need for it
  • season 02 sucked in comparison anyway, so there’s that

Kimi ni Todoke


  • a well done romance show
  • very light-hearted atmosphere
  • conflicts (if there was any) weren’t shit
  • good chemistry between all the core characters
  • could feel a bit sluggish paced/grindy every now and then
  • season 02 wasn’t as good as season 01 mostly due to more of the above



  • I fucking hate trap shows but this wasn’t too shabby
  • show doesn’t take itself that seriously, so there’s that
  • pretty much shoujo ai all up in this bitch
  • the girls are pretty kawaii though, even the male trap lead
  • plenty of cute moments
  • male lead was pretty dense iirc
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