Tokimeki Memorial: Only Love

  • +1 to dropped shows
  • probably the best case of “too little, too late”
  • I tried watching sometime in late 2014 and god damn, this show screamed outdatedness and genericism
  • I’m a total sucker for rom-coms and that still didn’t do anything for this show
  • the male lead was a little bitch and something about his VA kind of irritated me
  • maybe in another life time


  • +1 to dropped shows
  • okay you motherfuckers, I know how you’re feeling right now
  • I believe I picked up Gintama towards the end of its airing dates meaning I had a lot to catch up on
  • I was a cute little kid back then who probably couldn’t fully appreciate all that dank Gintama humor
  • seriously though, the show wasn’t that funny
  • got some “heh”s and chuckles every now and then but not a real natural “LOL, that was funny” type of laugh
  • I dropped it after about 14 episodes in (probably less) because I would literally daydream and nap on my table whilst watching
  • I’ve had some watchers admit it takes some investment to get it rolling (like 20++ episodes or so)
  • … and you know how the saying goes: ain’t nobody got time for that

Zero no Tsukaima

  • a lot of people say “it’s [Toradora!] set in a fantasy/magic world”; I guess?
  • 4 seasons of “above average” entertainment
  • season 4 / 3 > season 3 / 4 > season 1 > season 2… I think
  • a vast amount of characters with not much development per se, but at least the core characters got their shit off- so… fuck it
  • male lead isn’t shit but I’ll be lying if I said he wasn’t entertaining to watch
  • surprisingly good harem
  • one of the few fantasy shows that’s lighthearted enough to watch
  • easily one of the best OST’s I’ve listened to; great pieces from every season

Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro na: Crescent Love

  • I literally have no idea what this show was about = wtfdidIjustwatch syndrome
  • this is why I can’t get jiggy with Sci-Fi shit, distracts me from whatever needs me to not be distracted from
  • I do remember it was trying to be a cutesy little romance but it had so much other shit going on that it didn’t shine as much
  • plenty of melodrama, I’m sure
  • ending was nonsense


  • was actually quite hilarious
  • it felt like episodes really just flew by; enjoyable factor = high as fuck
  • definitely ecchi, definitely romance, definitely… melodramatic-ish
  • most if not all conflict in this show = misunderstandings
  • cute little shit of a show to be honest

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu

  • another well known/infamous/legendary piece of work (for… kinda the wrong reasons)
  • the 2009 version compromises of the original broadcast + some added material + some added material + some added material + some added material + some added material + some added material + some added material + some added material
  • I didn’t think it was great
  • I did enjoy watching the movie though, surprisingly
  • the character relations, interactions, and dynamics (wut) didn’t click together that smoothly
  • story-wise… it was all over the place
  • very slice of life without the life part?
  • if you ever needed a reason to watch it, just do it for the sake of watching it– one of us, one of us, one of us


  • un-SHAFT-like in terms of presentation (awww, they do have a soft spot)
  • TV short series, 9 x 12 (episodes x minutes)
  • endearing romance story between male and female
  • male lead is a dick
  • female lead was… less of a dick?
  • I wanna read the manga but that shit is forever stalled

Ouran Koukou Host Club

  • an amazing fucking show
  • probably the only reverse harem show I will ever watch
  • great characters with terrific chemistry
  • humorous as fuck
  • aesthetically pleasing
  • school comedy done right

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!!

  • one of my absolute favorite shounen battle shows
  • 203 fucking episodes, god damn it man
  • motherfucking mafia families with super motherfucking powers decked out in so many rings that it’ll make Bill Russell jealous
  • takes a bit of an time investment in the beginning to get things rolling
  • diverse characters with great on-screen chemistry
  • male lead gives off a bitch ass vibe at times but he comes through in the clutch
  • anime ended at the 2nd or 3rd to final arc in the story, you best pick up the manga afterwards


  • show was surprisingly funny but not that funny
  • the concept of show was do-able, kinda-ish
  • characters were okay but again, kinda-ish
  • the movie was asscheeks, fuck your opinion
  • overrated– again, fuck your opinion
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