Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan

  • four (4) OVA episodes n the first season and two (2) OVA episodes in the second season
  • wtf why was there a second season?
  • “nonsensical, garbage, dry as fuck humor” –¬†Roger Ebert
  • I seriously can’t think of one good remark for this show
  • artwork was bad, music was poor, animation was bad, characters were all¬†forgettable, its only good aspect- the comedy was barely passable
  • not even worth “turning off your brain for 30 minutes”


  • one of the original top harem romances, probably -said somebody, probably
  • think high school
  • think romance
  • think harem
  • think comedy
  • now add in demons, gods, and shit
  • I was surprised at who the male lead picked though; kudos for that (claps)
  • “season 02” was some fuckboy shit– basically a 10 episode summary of season 01 with like one (1) new animated episode; who the fuck does that?


  • it has been soooo long since I watched this shit
  • vampire shows are never good
  • very comedic though
  • do you even vampire, Karin?
  • it was a decent watch at that time though, probably hasn’t aged well

Canvas 2: Niji-iro no Sketch

  • there is no Canvas 1 though?
  • given it’s age, was… an okay show
  • show seemed to crawl every now and then with un-needed nonsense
  • melodramatic as fuck
  • great ending…(snorts)

Amaenaide yo!!!!

  • must’ve been years since I watched this…
  • eroticism = buddhist monk fuel
  • silly ecchi, silly ecchi everywhere
  • best girl lost(?)
  • pretty damn humorous though
  • sequel was about the same, give or take
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