Samurai Champloo

  • +1 to dropped shows (kinda)
  • First of all, this isn’t what you think, b-b-b-baka!
  • I didn’t drop the show as in “damn, this shit is boring, wtf anime industry; dropped”. It’s more like “shit, I just realized I never finished it but I CBA to find and finish up the show nowa- days weeks months years.
  • AMAZING OST, RIP Nujabes
  • one of the earliest anime I watched as a young’n
  • sick action scenes, pretty artwork, smooth animation + hip hop inspired music too? hngggg
  • the love-hate relationship and on-screen chemistry between our main core characters is so dynamic and entertaining
  • truly, a must watch for most all anime fans

Yakitate!! Japan!!_Japan/

  • another one of my /childhood memories shows
  • the greatest cooking (well bread-baking in this case) show I’ve watched thus far
  • comedy values = through the roof
  • characters = enjoyable, entertaining, and hilarious to watch
  • like, there’s seriously no real reason to hate this show unless you have non-lubed anal beads in your ass
  • can’t say I didn’t expect the ending (lots of foreshadowing) but it was still satisfactory nevertheless


  • shame on you if you haven’t watched or at least heard of this show
  • anime had a lot of bullshit filler, you can google them statistics
  • was still a decent watch; /childhood memories
  • typical shounen battle, clearly
  • manga is still ongoing, and I am still an avid reader
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