• I’m gonna be honest- this show sucked
  • one of the rare occasions where I happened to read the manga material first– mistakes were made
  • manga¬†outshone the tv series easily
  • yeah, it’s a harem but couple that with some wonky magical aspects and it made for a weird ass atmosphere
  • male lead = beta as fuck male lead in a harem #49234
  • blonde girl was pretty chill; probably best girl if I think about it

Kimi ga Nozomu Eien

  • I seriously didn’t understand this clusterfuck of a show
  • super duper melodramatic to the 18th power x 345 squared
  • drama-filled feels trip eventually
  • from kids to adult transition, early
  • male lead is a fucktard
  • romance aspect was decent-ish I suppose
  • the season 02 / OVA series was useless and clearly made to quell the anger of fanboys
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