• ah, I finally get to this one eh?
  • typical answer = /childhood memories
  • part 1 (original) = good shounen battle show with some comedy, drama, and intense fight sequences but god damn those fillers
  • part 2 (shippuden) = much more refined aspects; our kids have all grown up aka shit just got real for everyone but still quite a bit of fillers
  • manga = (I started the manga quite late, decided to pick it up in the middle of shippuden because god damn those fillers) the manga ended already (obviously) and the ending was surprising as fuck but very heartwarming, seriously. almost made me shed a manly tear and pour out some RIP hennessy.
  • movies(s) = honestly I never cared for the movies, although I might watch movie #7– considering it’s the last one and all + you get to see the manga ending in animation (or so I’ve heard)
  • fwiw, I already dropped Shippuden altogether quite a while ago for the manga (you should too, my friend)


  • god damn, I forget how old this show is
  • your typical shounen battle type of show
  • had some decent humor every now and again iirc
  • incomplete ending compared to the source material iirc
  • great cast of characters that were pretty enjoyable to watch
  • this dude will forever creep me out
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