Shaman King

  • god damn, this show is old
  • I just realized- I watched quite a few shounen battle anime when I was younger; I hate them now though
  • one of the earliest anime I’ve ever watched but I still can recall quite a few things just by looking at the above picture– memorable factor = 10/10
  • male lead = great nonchalant guy but when the going gets tough…
  • female lead, Anna = the original housewife
  • ~64 episodes of pure bliss, so it doesn’t ask for that much investment on your part (good luck starting One Piece today)

Prince of Tennis

  • the prince of tennis (PoT) franchise holds a dear spot in my heart
  • /childhood memories as fuck
  • one of the first anime I’ve ever watched
  • the first and only sports based anime I’ll ever watch (sorry Japan, your sport anime shows suck)
  • suffers from typical shounen syndrome at times but enjoyable nonetheless
  • are these guys¬†really fucking 14-16 years old?
  • there’s literally MOUNTAINS of material to read and watch (series, OVAs, movies, manga)
  • let me get this straight though, the first “half” of the franchise (original up til the end of the national tournament) was amazing
  • the second “half” (u-17 camp and all that junk) wasn’t as great; I’m still reading the manga though
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