One Piece

  • ♫♪ The champ is here, the champ is here ♪♫
  • king of the big 3, easily
  • your stamina needs to be 99/99 if you plan to catch up to current episodes
  • almost typical shounen battle
  • Nami && Robin are just too fucking fine
  • for the record, I’ve watched up to episode #574 or so
  • personally, I like to marathon arcs and take a long ass break afterwards
  • the timeskip (considered the second half of the series) was a nice refreshing change of pace
  • a fucking perfect mix and balance of action, feels trip, comedy, and adventure

Hunter x Hunter (1999)

  • ^ your reaction when I said the 1999 version
  • I have heard the 2011 remake was tons better but the original one was my childhood man, fuck off
  • great shounen battle series with great characters in a great atmosphere with great action scenes and great development; great
  • the core characters are on the young side– I’m pretty sure a lot of fight sequences were considered child abuse
  • the manga has almost been publishing as long as [One Piece]
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