[FALL 2016] Anime Lineup

Whew, this season sure is a doozy; a lot of crap to  sift through…

Shows that I think look good and or willing to add to my backlog:


Cheating Craft

  • Unique-ish plot
  • Pretty good artwork
  • Intro episode could have turned away a lot of viewers; shit was PURE exposition via words
  • Only ~12 minutes duration a episode so it’s not asking for a huge investment



  • booty booty booty, rocking everywhere
  • rocking everywhere


Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki

  • TV short
  • Elementary comedic tones
  • Cutsie/bloomy artwork
  • I dig the theme/pretense



  • Reminds me of a more colorful and lighthearted Prison School
  • The artwork and designs are wild as fuck, saturated, but pretty clean
  • VA cast is very solid
  • Grabbed my attention immediately, looking forward to watching this for sure



  • The “least attention-grabbing” hype-looking show I’ve encountered in a while
  • It has the workings for a decent show; diverse characters, action, hints of comedy, surprise/shocks
  • Even after the first episode quick skim, not sure where this show is heading; 50/50(?)
  • Art is on the verge of feeling outdated i.e., circa mid 2000’s


Bungou Stray Dogs 2nd Season

  • grandfathered in via my pleasant first impressions of the previous (1st) season


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  1. At the moment Trickster doesn’t seem to be going anywhere good. Mostly because the villain has thus far turned out to be incredibly boring.

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  2. Keijo’s definitely hilarious. Nanbaka wasn’t even worth a look, I wouldn’t even waste your time.

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