[IMPRESSIONS] Summer 2016 (II)

A back-to-back post from DF? Blasphemy!

– Various WordPress readers, probably.


New Game! 

My anime-loving side says: Cute looking show with a rather adorable cast of characters.

My anime-critiquing side says: Man, fuck you Japan for dropping the ball on this shit. This would have excelled as a TV short instead of full-length episodes.

My anime-addicted side says: Man, fuck you Japan because you know I’m going to watch this shit anyway.


Show by Rock!! Short!!

Didn’t bother watching this shit from last year[?], won’t start now.


Amaama to Inazuma

It’s something about single parents that really hit the spot for me. Also seems to be an Usagi Drop-esque show. Will give it a shot because food, VA for the female lead, and the kid is pretty cute.


D.Gray-man Hallow

I know D.Gray-man has been pretty popular/known for a while now. After watching this show, I don’t understand why personally. Just seems like one  of those action-adventure shounen-battle type of shows to me.


Taboo Tattoo

Decent looking action show (and terrific undertones of comedy) with these tattoos serving as the plot devices. Should be good to watch once art is cleaned up in proper releases/BDs. I’m a fan of J.C. Staff stuff, so I’m in.


Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu

Male lead who’s into BL. TV short. Somewhat funny. I am simple man. I watch.


Cheer Danshi!!

Male cheerleading. That should be enough to sway you into watching or turn you away.

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