[REVIEW] Noragami

MAL Link


Subgroup Used

FFF [main]

BlurayDesuYo(DameDesuYo) [OADs]

Ratings And Stuff

Art & Animation 7.5/10
Music & Sound 7.75/10
Character(s) 7.75/10
Story & Plot 7.75/10
Ending & Conclusion 7.5/10
Personal Enjoyment 8/10


DF’s Thoughts…

A real gem; almost drowned out in the rom-com ridden year of 2014

Noragami is fucking excellent. An action-packed supernatural show with tones of comedy and plenty of lightheartedness. It had real snarky humor at times, with a combination of deadpan and tsukkomi-boke humor as well. Fun characters all around and each of them bringing their own flair to the show. Male lead, Yato, is an amazing motherfucker.

The art was very fitting to the show’s theme although some scenes were a bit lacking at times. The animation(s) remained fluid though. What I really enjoyed was the music/sounds/tones used throughout the show. Very good tracks for a “action-oriented” show. Also, the VAs chosen were terrific. Male lead voiced by my favorite male VA was a huge bonus!

The ending sequences for the show was a bit lacking in comparison to the core of the story. It left some loose ends and things unexplained but luckily there is a season 02 after this so hopefully the aforementioned gets wrapped up once and for all.

Also, go watch the two OADs, they were hilarious.

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  1. I love Noragami! It is fucking awesome hahaha

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  2. I’m also a huge Noragami fan and really loved revisiting this season before watching the second. It is a perfect mix of action and comedy with just enough sweetness and drama to keep you really hooked. Thanks for reminding us all about this amazing anime.

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