[REVIEW] Trinity Seven

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Subgroup Used

BlurayDesuYo (DameDesuYo)

Ratings And Stuff

Art & Animation 7.25/10
Music & Sound 7.5/10
Character(s) 7/10
Story & Plot 7/10
Ending & Conclusion 7/10
Personal Enjoyment 7.25/10


DF’s Thoughts…

The nonchalant attitudes of most of our characters, the obvious harem right from the start,  the under-aged-looking girls with giant tits; nothing new to me of course.

The show itself knew it wasn’t shit, the characters acted like their show wasn’t shit, but even then– what really rubbed me the wrong way ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) was the fact that the show kept shoving it in my face ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). They took extra extra care to ensure that I was aware that their show was ecchi first, serious second.

Male lead, again, wasn’t shit but had enough perverted spunk to him that can be mistaken for charisma. The girls were kawaii for the most part. Artwork was iffy at times but animation was consistent. Good music though.

“Tense” situations were full of gag, sex,  and jokes. The “battles” were a joke for the most part. It’s the typical “I power up, you power up, I do a few moves, you do a move or two and knock me out, rinse and repeat…” type of shit. It also has that cardinal fucking sin of fighting built right into the fucking show. “I CAUGHT YOU OFF GUARD WITH A SURPRISE ATTACK, LET ME YELL OUT THE NAME OF MY SUPER AWESOME MOVE AS WELL AS YOUR FULL NAME BEFORE I ATTEMPT TO HIT YOU!!!”. Then again, if you were looking to watch this kind of show for the action– you’re doing it wrong.

Conclusion wasn’t shit, it’s the usual “GO READ/BUY THE MANGA/LIGHT NOVEL!” type of wrap up. I hate those things to death but can’t say I blame the author(s), c’est a vie.

The usual harem character selections, with the typical interactions, with the all-too-familiar scenarios. A slight step above your ctrl+c / ctrl+v seasonal shows but still doesn’t rank that high overall.

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  1. The anime had a good storyline, but I think it didn’t execute it as well. The. The breasts every other minute, omg too much sometimes.

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  2. I couldn’t watch this one through. While I don’t stop watching an anime because of adult content, I just found the story here uncompelling.

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