[REVIEW] Mekakucity Actors

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Subgroup Used

Ratings And Stuff
Animation 7/10
Music & Sound 7.25/10
Character(s) 7/10
Story & Plot ??/10
Ending & Conclusion ??/10
Personal Enjoyment 6.5/10


DROPPED— so I don’t wanna.

DF’s Thoughts…

DROPPED— so I don’t wanna.

You know what’s kinda sad about all of this? After tasting the ecstasy that is the [Monogatari series (also from SHAFT studios)], I’ve become so desensitized to the elements of this show. The abstractness, the witty dialogue, the character interactions, all of it to be honest– didn’t hit home with me that much, which is a shame considering this show seems like it would do all right otherwise.

So basically, the show is episodic but has story lines that intertwine each character into one another. You’ll follow one character for an episode, move on to another character for the next episode or two, but then see the first character bump into the second character through… some sort of twist of fate. Sounds clunky but it works for the most part.

To be totally honest, it really wasn’t that fun to watch. It was “artful” and very SHAFT-like but not enough oomph behind the entertainment. IMO, it was like watching a throwaway show that had potential at first but didn’t do much with it/amount to anything. It had a damn good OST though that’s for sure.

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