[REVIEW] Amagi Brilliant Park

MAL Link


Subgroup used

Coalgirls(Vivid), BluRayDesuYo

Ratings and stuff

Art&Animation 8/10

Music&Sound 8/10

Characters 8/10

Story&Plot 7.75/10

Ending&Conclusion 7.5/10

Personal Enjoyment 8/10


DF’s thoughts…

Great piece of work that nary had a dull moment. Outstanding cast of characters that were a ton of fun to watch. Beautiful scenery, frames, and artwork that served as satisfying eye candy. Great humor in general yet the show was flexible enough to have its tense moments really ham it up quite well.

Male lead is a snob, but he is damn good at it. He’s one of those types you would want to lead your show as he has a rather charismatic side to him. Female lead was not bad although she was characteristically monotone for a little too much of the show. Needed that kick in the ass to push her over.

Though it had some grindy/head-scratching points (as do all shows), in the end, ABP is an EASY recommend to watch. If anything, I would kill for some more moe moe eye candy. Freaking KyoAni and their unrivaled skill to make some pretty ass girls man, I swear. They have the art game on lockdown. KyoAni with another beauty to add to their portfolio, season 02, when?

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