[REVIEW] Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de

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Subgroup used

SallySubs (HorribleSubs)

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Arbitrary scoring system

Art | Animation = 7.5/10
Music | Sound = 7.25/10
Story | Plot(content) = 7.5/10
Characters = 7.5/10
Ending | Conclusion = 7.25/10

Personal enjoyment = 7.5/10

DF’s thoughts

An… oddly satisfying show. It had a resemblance to [ SEITOKAI NO ICHIZON ] (the back and forth comedic interactions between the characters, the tsukkomi-boke jokes, a delusional yet charismatic male lead) however the show at times, felt similar enough to be considered a [ CHUUNIBYOU DEMO KOI GA SHITAI! ], just in the complete opposite of the sub-genre spectrum. In any case, it was definitely a step above the typical copy pasta shows that air every season.

I laughed, I cringed, I even teared a little.

Despite the initial humorous direction of the show, it had some well thought out deep/serious points as well. I must commend the flexibility that the show was able to showcase with whatever “plot” they were able to muster through with. The “romance”, if you can even call it that, was ~~decently tied into the story line. A bit forced at times but not enough to detract from the show itself.

I assume the source material (light novel) is more fleshed out in story and detail as the anime left a few loose ends and some support characters unexplained but c’est la vie.

An annoyance I had with the show was how it often relied on exposition through the character’s dialogue/narrative. There was a lot of “tell” than “show”, rather than vice-versa. This is anime, let the creativity flow and the art do the talking next time, kthxbai.

Best girl


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