[REVIEW] Triage X

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Subgroup used


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Arbitrary scoring system

Art | Animation = 7/10
Music | Sound = 7/10
Story | Plot(content) = 6.5/10
Characters = 6.5/10
Ending | Conclusion = 6/10
Personal enjoyment = 6/10

DF’s thoughts…

  • Boobs, boobs, insert action sequence here, boobs, insert action sequence there, boobs, another action sequence please, boobs
  • The sexualization of everything is impressive, I ain’t even mad but… (chuckles)
  • From the same author who bought you [ High School of The Dead ]; explains the all too familiar atmosphere of this show
  • Despite the previous point, Triage X doesn’t come even close in terms of execution and overall “plot direction” as HoTD
  • The action sequences were pretty nice at least
  • The male lead in this show didn’t always feel like one. At times he was pushed into the background allowing for the other female cast to shine
  • Final words: “It tried to do a lot of everything and accomplished close to nothing”
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