[REVIEW] Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance

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Subgroup used


Random screenies

Arbitrary scoring system

Art | Animation = 7/10
Music | Sound = 7.25/10
Story | Plot(content) = 7/10
Characters = 7/10
Ending | Conclusion = 7/10
Personal enjoyment = 7/10

DF’s thoughts

  • Typical harem + ecchi setups
  • Typical eye candy moe moe blobs
  • Typical girl character archetypes i.e., -dere this, -dere that, -dere here, -dere there
  • Typical male le- well, he actually wasn’t too bad. A tier above your typical harem fuck boys at least
  • The art has that bloomy feel to it a la [ OreShura! ] and [ Machine-Doll ] and you can sometimes catch the cheaply designed animation/frames here and there
  • Nothing good or bad about this show per se. One of the typical ecchi harem shows that comes in abundance every anime season

DF’s best girl in this show:


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