[REVIEW] Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to

MAL link


Subgroup used


Random screenies

Arbitrary scoring system

Art/Animation = 7.5/10

Music/Sound = 7/10

Story/Plot(content) = 7.5/10

Characters = 7.5/10

Ending/Conclusion = 7/10

Overall Enjoyment = 7.5/10

DF says…

A fun little TV short; in fact, one of the best TV shorts I’ve seen in a while. It’s obviously 4-koma based but shares similar roots with traditional length anime and their format. Fun characters including a ridiculous/hilarious male lead –fuck, the whole cast is fucking nuts. The chemistry and interactions between the characters are a really strong selling point of the show and made for some great laughs. It doesn’t take much to binge through all the episodes and OVAs but the ROI you get back is definitely worth it.

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