[REVIEW] Kyoukai no Kanata

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Arbitrary scoring system

Art/Animation = 8/10

Music/Sound = 7.5/10

Story/Plot = 7.5/10

Characters = 7.5/10

Ending/Conclusion = 7.75/10

Overall Enjoyment = 7.75/10

DF says…

Not including my -monogatari bias, this is one of the few anime shows that I’ve added to my “fuck, this is a beautiful show” collection. The sole member in this collection so far has only been [ Hyouka ] and guess what? They were both done by [ KyoAni ]! Those guys sure make some great shows. So, what’s so good about Kyoukai no Kanata? As always, the meshing of elements done in a very natural-feeling way. It features an above-average story with very fun characters (their girls are some of the most moe pieces of shit ever, I swear), and they are able to still have some fun with the story and character interactions/dialogues. Kyoukai No Kanata is praised as one the best shows in 2013, and once you give a shot- it should be clear why.

the two(2) movies were fucking kick ass and a must watch;  the 2nd movie anyway- movie #1 was a recap.

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