[REVIEW] Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken

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Subgroup used


Random screenies

Arbitrary scoring system

Art/Animation = 5/10

Music/Sound = 5/10

Story/Plot(content) = 6/10

Characters = 6/10

Ending/Conclusion = 5/10

Overall Enjoyment = 6/10

DF says…

Not bad for a gag-based TV short. Plethora of meta jokes, references to other shows, and lots of jabs at typical anime elements. Visuals and audio were average and sometimes the “funnies” were hit-or-miss and or dry. For the ~~hour that it took me to run through both seasons, I’ve not much complaining to do. Good for a quick chuckle or two and then moving on to greener pastures.

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