Shokugeki no Souma

[FFF] Shokugeki no Souma - 02 [7845D7A6].mkv_snapshot_12.33_[2015.10.30_01.28.22]

MAL link :

Releases : 24 TV episodes, manga still ongoing (141+ chapters)

Subs used : FFF

DF’s status : watched and… completed!

Art/Animation : 8.5/10

Music/Sound : 8/10

Characters : 8.5/10

Story/Plot : 8.25/10

Overall/Enjoyment 8.5/10

Thoughts, and things:

  • VERY strong resemblance to [Prince of Tennis]; young kid with amazing talent, father has legendary background, father and son faced off/trained since young age, etc, etc
  • Some side characters = useless
  • Has food porn gone too far?
  • Souma is good protagonist and a very fun show lead
  • A lot of diverse characters all things considered
  • The borderline hentai food orgasms are hilarious
  • Show has a real good sense of humor
  • Great aesthetics with awesome chibi reaction scenes
  • I like the fact that they give some time to incorporate side characters into the story; a lost art in anime tbh
  • Star-studded VAs in this show
  • I liked OP2 and ED1 versus OP1 and ED2, oddly enough
  • All in all, SnS is pretty much a shounen battle show but with food as it’s main theme
  • The ending was CRIMINALLY anti-climatic, like what the fuck sour taste in my mouth
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