DF + free time + cleaning up + anime epiphany equals…

rant / speech / facts / freestyle incoming


I still have a fuck ton of anime to get through (2010-2014) before getting “up to date” to 2015


The shows in this backlog are either gonna be:

  • Gems
  • Trash
  • Time wasters

Seeing how I barely have any time nowadays for shows to waste, and with the little free time I do have– I rather not waste them on trash shows. Therefore, it looks like I’m gonna be doing some major spring fall cleaning.


There’s a few things I’ve noticed this past year of marathon’ing anime

  • My interest in rom-com shows have declined quite a bit
  • Ecchi/borderline hentai doesn’t procure my interest as much
  • Overly kiddy shows bother me now
  • I fucking can’t stand full length SOL shows anymore, in fact I can barely handle any type of SOL show anymore
  • My patience has gotten nerfed, shows that are > 12 episodes are gonna have to be epic as fuck otherwise that’s a paddlin’
  • I’ve begin to wander outside my usual genres, and I’m okay with that
  • I have built up some tolerance to feels-trip shows, and I’m not okay with that

It’s getting to a point where I’m simply not “enjoying” my shows anymore. Call it a burn-out, tastes changing, or just “getting to that age”; I need to refine what the fuck I watch, serious. I can’t even discuss the newer shows with fellow fans in the anime circle/communities because while they’re out there watching their [Nisekoi], [Monogatari], and [Monster], I’m over here, dick-in-hand, slugging through some fucking show from 2012. Well fuck that, no more. I’m gonna clean, compile, and refine my watch list and condense the dark flame master out of it.

Though, if you do see a show on my drop list that you seriously think I should reconsider, please let me know as I’ll be more than willing to give a runback if it looks remotely interesting.

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  1. You are definitely one of my fave anime bloggers, loving te blog so much;here’s a Liebster Award nomination! https://animetoastime.wordpress.com/2015/10/05/liebster-award-nomination-2/

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