2011; drop/keep

1) Dog Days (season 01) = too cutesy for me, too fantasy for me, too too for me

2) IS: Infinite Stratos (season 01) = okay, normally this might’ve been a drop for me but this is like the legendary harem show that’s infamous within the community, eh….

3) Maken-Ki (season 01) = it’s like [Sekirei] but with more kiddy and worse male lead

4) Seikon no Qwaser (season 02) = This shit got a sequel?

5) Shinryaku Ika Musume (season 02) = This shit got a sequel?

6) The Idolm@ster (season 01) = I know this is some legendary crap, at least overseas in JP but I can’t do 26 episodes of idol music SOL man, I just can’t.

7) Working!! (season 02) = No more, please, god, no, why, please

8) Yuru Yuri (season 01) = SOL grindfest a la Nichijou but with shoujo-ai undertones. Sorry but RIP


  • N/A


  • Dog Days (season 01)
  • IS Infinite Stratos (season 01)
  • Maken-Ki (season 01)
  • Seikon no Qwaser (season 02)
  • Shinryaku Ika Musume (season 02)
  • The IdolM@ster (season 01)
  • Working!! (season 02)
  • Yuru Yuri (season 01)
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