Senran Kagura

[FFF] Senran Kagura - 04 [BD][720p-AAC][F591941C].mkv_snapshot_13.24_[2015.09.26_19.05.26]

MAL link:

Episodes: 12 episodes + 6 specials + 1 ova

Genre(s): ecchi, action, supernatural, comedy(?)

DF’s status: watched and… dropped after two(2) episodes. MAY revisit when I feel like brushing up on my… science ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

DF’s rating = weak 6/10


  • TL;DR? Cute girls doing cute ninja fucking things. Bar = raised
  • Ecchi is prioritized, you’ve been warned you dirty casuals
  • Deep down it’s pretty much an eye-candy show despite its cover. Most other things are an afterthought… not that there’s anything wrong with that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • As with shows of this, errrr, direction, it relies heavily on its art and design. Glad to say it fared pretty well in this department at least
  • Animation was not bad. The action scenes were fluid enough for me I guess. Low standards much?
  • If the girls weren’t this “appealing” the show would’ve crashed, and crashed hard; #facts


  • Pretty much an all-female cast sans a character here and there
  • Your chicks are of the stereotypical archetypes; while they were annoyingly cliche at times, overall still ~decent enough to watch
  • So fucking kawaii though, just look at ’em–


  • J-rock’ish OP was pretty catchy but I don’t think I would listen to it often
  • A trio(3) of EDs that were diverse and pretty good overall. Good visuals to look at as well
  • Decent background music, the ninja-themed cues were catchy, even if they were to be expected

DF says…

Shit like this just makes me feel like “oh gee, how original… zzzzz”

For what it’s worth, the show is one of the better looking ones I’ve watched in recent memory with plenty of fan service. Despite the aforementioned, I’m not sure why I can’t get into it. Is DF losing interest in ecchi shows?! Does DF no longer care about ass, titties, and some TLC?! Find out, in the next episode of Dragonba- oh, woops.

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