[Commie] Yuyushiki - 01 [BD 720p AAC] [42BE2B43].mkv_snapshot_06.38_[2015.08.13_15.30.39]

MAL link: http://myanimelist.net/anime/15911/Yuyushiki

Episodes: 12 + 6 specials

Genre(s): high school, comedy, slice of life

Subs used: Commie

DF’s status: watched & dropped after ~1 episode

Art & Animation

  • Art is mediocre. I guess going by the nature of the show, it could work but I like my shit aesthetically pleasing, thanks
  • I feel this is what [ Lucky Star ] would’ve looked like if it was released in a more modern/updated time period

Music & Sounds

  • OP wasn’t as moe blob/kawaii pie as I thought it would’ve been. Pleasant surprise?
  • ED fell a bit short. Well actually, to be specific– the vocals were pretty good but the tempo of the beat didn’t pair well with the singer’s voice. Slow down the beat and incorporate different instruments and it might have been better
  • Decent sound effects and ambient music when it comes up


  • Not much to say about characters in SOL comedies. The main cast isn’t anything new or exciting that’s for sure
  • For the record, they weren’t even cute– the fuck? It’s supposed to be cute girls doing cute things right?

Story & Plot

  • Most, if not, all of these kind of shows revolve around the randomness of topics and events. References, jokes, puns, and the sort so you probably wouldn’t get much of a story here
  • I did encounter a few funny scenes every now and then but for the most part… (shrugs)


  • Didn’t watch all the way so… n/a

DF says…

So many shows do the whole “cute girls doing cute things + slice of life” hybrid formula thingy but barely any of them get it right. For some reason these shows are still pretty well received despite being copy pastas with a reskin. Kindly, fuck off.

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