Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai

[FFF] Unbreakable Machine-Doll - 02 [251E2E6B].mkv_snapshot_03.09_[2015.08.10_13.54.52]

MAL link:

Episodes: 12 + 6 specials

Genre(s): fantasy, action, ecchi, comedy

Subs used: FFF

DF’s status: watched and completed

Art & Animation

  • Very bloomy and soft-trace lined art akin to [ OreShura! ]

Machine-doll (pictured left) vs OreShura! (pictured right)

  • Action scenes were pretty damn fluid– most of the time
  • Corners were cut during some parts of the show, but it wasn’t glaringly obvious enough for me to care

Music & Sounds

  • Vocally-pleasant OP
  • Hype-catchy jingle ED that was very similar to [ Joshiraku ]
  • The ambient music playing during scenes were good


  • I liked the comedy and interaction when the characters are in joke-joke fuck around mode but when shit gets too serious… ehhhh
  • TBH, if anything, it was more fun watching the girls and their antics. I mean look at these kawaii pies–

Story & Plot

  • Though I haven’t officially watched [ Black Bullet ] yet, I imagine this as a predecessor to that show, set in a earlier time period
  • The story/plot itself had potential for something decent but sadly it didn’t develop that well and ended up getting caught up in it’s own flair
  • It becomes very action heavy and a bit nonsensical (read: stupid) towards the middle/end, and well, the show sort of became background noise for me– aka… lost my interest
  • This is one of those shows where it might have been better off using more lighthearted action tones. Basically, having the show in fuck-around mode 80% of the time instead of the occasional insertion every now and again


  • Inconspicuous villain is inconspicuous; (roll eyes)
  • Incomplete ending is incomplete
  • Obvious source material bait is obvious

DF says:

While the show was moderately entertaining (generous), it wasn’t satisfying at all. I applaud the show for having some sort of direction it was aiming for but in the end– the show as a whole was still mediocre-ish

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