White Album 2


MAL link: http://myanimelist.net/anime/18245/White_Album_2

Episodes: 13 + 2 picture drama

Genre(s): high school, music, romance, drama

Subs used: UTW

DF’s status: completed

Initial thoughts

  • Not to be confused with White Album: 2nd season; great naming scheme guys
  • (sighs), more teenage angst, love triangles/polygons, and doses of drama everywhere eh?
  • I initially heard that this was gonna be a feels trip with enough drama to boil blood so I am ready to drop this shit at any second

Art & Animation

  • Pretty typical of 2013 standards but probably among the higher tier of shows in 2013 in terms of design
  • Nothing particularly stands out, positive or negative
  • It does have a rather clean aesthetic feeling though, so… there’s that

(shameless plug for the show’s best girl–)

Music & Sounds

  • Good OP, decent ED
  • The overall music is superb, though, being a “music-based” show and all… it better well damn be
  • Background sounds = real fucking clean

Story & Characters

  • TL;DR, we follow the lives of male lead + dual female leads as they revive their music club and mature as young adults– oh yeah, have some drama while you’re at it well because, fuck you
  • Male lead is a pretty chill guy, for what it’s worth Oh you little fucker, don’t you dare “School Days” up this show, don’t you dare
  • You can spot that love ▲ from a mile away
  • The character chemistry is clearly the draw point to the show. Fuck the actual plot and all that noise, watching the characters was the main entrée
  • God damn it show, you were doing so good but then you had to go and drop the fucking “bomb”

Ending thoughts


  • Oh my god, that ending makes me so fucking conflicted. Yeah sure, the girl I was rooting for “won” but at what cost?
  • FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH, this is a rather beautiful(?) anime. Paced and developed with a trio of characters that were pleasant to watch. I’d consider this a more refined and matured [School Days]
  • Ugh, I need to go and find some ecchi comedy show filled with vaginal shots and boob grabbing to drown myself in. All my years in anime and I still get that Post-Anime Depression Syndrome. Well, c’est la vie
  • NINJA EDIT – For those fans of White Album 2 (or that universe in general) I strongly recommend reading these notes and summaries [ http://mdzanime.me/category/visual-novels/white-album-2/ ], specifically the post titled (” White Album 2: Concluding Chapter & Coda Rough Summary “). The blog writer(s) did a fantastic job not only summarizing the entire WA2 storyline (the ending/epilogue parts from the source Visual Novel) but they also offered such a wonderful in-depth view of the characters and story
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