Pokemon: The Origin

[EeveeTaku] Pokémon Origins - 03 v0 (1280x720 x264 AAC)[8AA6E8EF].mkv_snapshot_14.58_[2015.07.24_15.49.14]

MAL Link: http://myanimelist.net/anime/20159/Pokemon:_The_Origin

Episodes: four(4)

Genre(s): shounen, action, adventure

DF’s status: completed! Worth the watch if you have a love for Pokemon or wanting to get started on the original [Pokemon Adventures] storyline

Story & Plot

  • Yes, for those who don’t know, Pokemon originated in Japan, lol
  • This is 1000x better than the mainstream show featuring the comatose [Ash Ketchum/Satoshi] because it follows [Red] from the [PKMN Adventures manga] and original [PKMN: Red version] game. I used to follow the manga so it was nice watching it in animation
  • Don’t expect it to cover everything in 4 episodes, there’ll be a lot of fast forwarding and recapping. I think this show was meant to simply allow viewers to have a taste of the real Pokemon content

Art & Animation

  • Nothing awful but not good that’s for sure; NBD though
  • Definitely lacks in aesthetics compared to the mainstream series, obviously
  • Not much faults unless you start nitpicking

Music & Sounds

  • Typical sounds you’d find in a Pokemon episode
  • Fun fact: the voice actor for Red is the same one that voices [Naruto]
  • A few familiar-ish names among the VAs but nothing noteworthy
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