Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

MAL Link:

Episodes: 12 + 1 special

Genre(s): fantasy, comedy, romance

DF’s Status: dropped BUT the show itself isn’t too bad… I just snooze when it’s doing the whole political/economical/educational thing. And then when it’s in its SOL/romance mode, it just feels “off”. I are confused. Maybe a revisit some day

Art and animation

  • The characters are designed well for the most part
  • Background work has a vintage/rustic/sketchy feel to it but I’m okay with that
  • Some wonky/clunky animation/transitions here and there that break the immersive fluidity

Sounds and music

  • A pretty nice OP. I was actually surprised (in a good way) at the tempo
  • The ED doesn’t really work for me. It’s too mellow and bland for my tastes i.e. falls flat
  • The overall musical composition used through the episodes is fine, nothing to complain about



Story & Plot

  • Shit is surprisingly political(?) all things considered
  • What the fuck am I watching? Is this some romantic slice of life and shit?
  • Although I haven’t officially watched [Spice and Wolf], I think I can say this show sort of shares the same themes with that show but perhaps with a bit more on the “fun” side, maybe
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