MAL Link: http://myanimelist.net/anime/15379/Kotoura-san

Episodes: 12 main + 6 special ONAs

Genre(s): school, comedy, drama, …romance?

DF’s Status: Dropped after two(2) episodes. I mean when it was trying to be funny, it was okay but when they tried to “shit just got real” things– it felt awkward and cringe-worthy

Intro episode is awfully dark:


C-c-c-combo breaker! Shit is now kawaii as fuck:


Story, Plot & Characters:

  • Female protagonist has tragic past i.e. family abuse, tragic childhood, socially rejected, et cetera
  • For some reason, she has the ability to read people’s minds
  • Girl meets boy (male protagonist) who’s “different” and “accepts her for who she is” (rolls eyes)
  • Male lead is a pervert but because he’s honest, genuine, and friendly– fuck all that previous noise
  • Them VAs (whistles) = http://myanimelist.net/anime/15379/Kotoura-san/characters

Art & Animation:

  • Not the greatest. Diverse designs for the characters but nothing worth mentioning
  • Decent facial expressions and reactions
  • Probably the weakest element of the show, NBD though

Sounds & Music:

  • OP is a pretty nice listen with simple yet cute visuals
  • ED provides a rather nice contrast to the uptempo and cheery OP. It’s surprisingly tranquil and something you’d hear in a final episode
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