So here’s something new I thought I’d do. Took a minute and got my hands on the episode 01s for a whole bunch of shows airing from the Summer 2015 anime lineup (aired as of the post’s date)— mostly to see what else to add to my backlog… but might as well share my initial viewing thoughts on them as well. I’ll save my personal tastes and remarks for another time, just the meat and potatoes here for now. Disclaimer: there will be a few shows I won’t cover as I’ll be adding them for sure (sequels to shit I already plan to watch) or instantly disregarding them (sequels to shit I don’t plan to watch anyway)

God Eater

  • Hype…? I remember playing the game on my PSP like a decade ago lol
  • Hype is dead
  • This art is… peculiar? It’s borderline damn cheap as fuck production wise but quite stylish from an aesthetic point of view
  • Fwiw, the male protagonist is pretty cool. He shows potential as a decent shounen lead
  • Damn, the poor production even affects the animations. It’s like watching a slideshow during some scenes
  • Overall, this show has all the signs of a great shounen battle show. Cool characters, good buildup and pacing, and some decent hype music
  • I’m not 100% sure that I’ll be adding this to backlog but I’ll keep tabs on it

Junjou Romantica 3

  • Wow, I can’t believe this has 3 seasons
  • I’ve skipped so many of these shows in the past, I guess I’ll see what the big deal is about. “Gay is in”; but is that true in JP too?
  • Wow, that old ass early 2000s aesthetics; JP, pls
  • Well the atmosphere so far doesn’t seem so bad actually
  • The list of VAs aren’t half bad either
  • To be honest this show feels like the reverse-gendered version of normal rom-coms that I usually watch
  • That said, pass; this ain’t my type of shit

Kurayami Santa

  • Well, that poster isn’t creepy at all
  • TV shorts, ~3 minutes or so– we sure do have a lot of these this season
  • Lol, what the fuck is this old ass black and white century year old crap?
  • So… that was about the most pointless/weirdest shit I watched thus far. Why are there resources being allocated to air this kind of stuff over in JP?
  • Pass, pass, pass; delete off hard drive

Makura no Danshi

  • More TV shorts!
  • Judging by the poster–I have a slight understanding about what’s about to go down
  • (sighs)
  • Well, the OP isn’t fucking terrible, kinda
  • Okay, I take back what I said about [Kurayami Santa] being the most pointless/weirdest show I’ve watched thus far. This is definitely it
  • So it’s like female fan service and gratitude, but done at a more… personal level(?)
  • Even if I was a female, this is a stupid show
  • Pass, please get this shit off the air, JP
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