So here’s something new I thought I’d do. Took a minute and got my hands on the episode 01s for a whole bunch of shows airing from the Summer 2015 anime lineup (aired as of the post’s date)— mostly to see what else to add to my backlog… but might as well share my initial viewing thoughts on them as well. I’ll save my personal tastes and remarks for another time, just the meat and potatoes here for now. Disclaimer: there will be a few shows I won’t cover as I’ll be adding them for sure (sequels to shit I already plan to watch) or instantly disregarding them (sequels to shit I don’t plan to watch anyway)


  • More TV shorts, ohhh yes
  • The art is fine, pretty nice actually
  • So it seems to be a slice of life based around a particular family, but mainly just the siblings for now
  • Yo, this could work really fucking well; it’s like watching the [Minami-ke] series but the TV short version
  • No OP in this intro episode, the ED is ~fine though
  • I have a damn soft spot for TV shorts nowadays; added to backlog

Gakkou Gurashi!

  • …Moe blob?
  • The art’s quality is on and off– depending on the particular scene. NBD I guess
  • OP is both cute visually and audio…ly(?) acoustically
  • Oh my god, look at all these cute pieces of shits (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
  • Looks like a high school(?) club setting + SOL so far
  • The VAs casted for this show are pretty damn good/fitting
  • Holy shit, that ending twist! I’m fucking interested now
  • Added to backlog

Prison School

  • I remember bumping into the manga source material some time ago (it became fairly popular too, from what I recall) but ultimately I decided to pass on it because the concept seemed so-so. Maybe the actual animation will change my mind
  • OP is ehhh, the engrish is unnecessary
  • Oh my god, fuck you [Funimation] and your [white flashes of censorship]
  • Fuck.yes; male lead is voiced by favorite male VA, [Hiroshi, Kamiya]
  • The male characters are diverse and seem like they’ll be very fun to watch
  • The art could be better all things considered but NBD as of right now
  • The sheer ridiculousness of this shit is fucking hilarious
  • Added to backlog

Suzakinishi the Animation

  • Yup, another TV short, ~3 minutes long for this one
  • OP was fine, par the course, even
  • Oh my god, this fucking art design– insulting. Thank god these are TV short episodes
  • What the fuck, lol
  • It’s not too terrible presentation and delivery wise, no harm no foul sorta thing
  • Added to backlog… for now

Wooser no Sono Higurashi: Mugen-hen

  • This is the 3rd series of the [Wooser no Sono Higurashi] series; (lol really?)
  • Another TV short series, these are about ~8 minutes long or so
  • Dude what the fuck is this shit? Is this some sort of Saturday morning kids show?
  • (looks at MAL– “G-rating show… oh”)
  • Oh, hell no. Why is [Hiroshi, Kamiya] a VA in this? (cries)
  • Yeah no, fuck this. Pass, pass pass
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