So here’s something new I thought I’d do. Took a minute and got my hands on the episode 01s for a whole bunch of shows airing from the Summer 2015 anime lineup (aired as of the post’s date)— mostly to see what else to add to my backlog… but might as well share my initial viewing thoughts on them as well. I’ll save my personal tastes and remarks for another time, just the meat and potatoes here for now. Disclaimer: there will be a few shows I won’t cover as I’ll be adding them for sure (sequels to shit I already plan to watch) or instantly disregarding them (sequels to shit I don’t plan to watch anyway)

Rokka no Yuusha

  • Uh…okay?
  • OP is a decent listen, I like the singer’s voice a lot
  • Generic action fantasy show #5591 with a generic cocky male lead #9568?
  • The art is pretty nice though. Crisp lines, nicely saturated colors, decent background work
  • The whole episode was literally eye-candy and talking. Not a good way to hook viewers guys
  • With this kind of setup, it seems to be “adventurers go on a journey together meeting other fellow heroes and do good things and fight bad guys” kind of thing
  • ED isn’t as good as the OP but still do-able
  • Not sure if I’ll add to backlog just yet

Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai

  • I saw a preview or two some time ago for this show, so I’m pretty hype
  • What the fuck? LOL
  • High school comedy with ecchi tones; nothing special in that regard
  • The concept for this show is pure gold but ultimately it’s gonna be up to the core characters to deliver
  • I feel like a lot of stuff is gonna be “lost in translation” so it’s best to wait for some really good fansubs
  • ED gave me a chuckle or two from the visuals, the actual song was so-so
  • Added to backlog

Sore ga Seiyuu!

  • What is this cheap artwork doing here in 2015?
  • The OP, despite being kawaii as fuck, isn’t a very good listen. Just a generic uptempo singalong or something
  • So the life and adventures of an aspiring seiyuu (voice actor) huh?
  • With all due respect, seeing the budget as fuck art style and the general mood of the show, this would have been better off as a TV short. If this airs longer than 10 episodes, I will cry
  • Seems like a mix of cute girls doing cute things + slice of life- seiyuu edition + light-hearted comedy?
  • The ED, like the OP, is just some generic uptempo singalong crap
  • Ehh, I’ll pass. It doesn’t seem that interesting

Ushio to Tora (2015)

  • It seems to be a remake of the [1992-1993 version]
  • Wow this classic old school art style, a real blast from the past
  • This shit is already confirmed for a [2nd season]? What the fuck, didn’t it just begin to air like one week ago?
  • I already hate how the male lead looks. What the fuck is wrong with his nose?
  • Classic 90’s style shounen battle show? This is definitely an acquired taste or for people who’s feeling really nostalgic
  • I hate fucking shounen battle crap nowadays. Pass, pass, pass


  • Damn, this is like the 3rd or 4th(?) TV short airing this season. Not complaining though
  • Oh my god, this is gonna be the moe blob of the season isn’t it?
  • (watches the OP)… Yup it sure is
  • Other shows, take notes! If you’re gonna be a pointless kawaii moe blob show, at least be a TV short like this one
  • Cute pieces of shit + TV short = easy decision making; added to backlog


  • Yet another TV short, this being only ~2:00 minutes long
  • Well, I know the budget was probably low but what the fuck this art and character design? This is some shit you’ll see on Youtube as a flash clip
  • What a fucking pointless show, lol
  • BUT…. being ~2:00 minutes long and all… even if it’s just for a chuckle or two (lol, optimistic)
  • … Added to backlog
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