The Sunshine Award

(sidenote: MS Paint nowadays is pretty damn good)

Special shout-outs to Miharusshi for nominating me for this. Fellow anime-related wordpresser with good taste + a fun blog. Go check his her shit out asap.

  1. This may be weird to ask, but what do you love about blogging/writing?Not weird at all. IMO, casual writing = best writing. The freedom to say whatever, whenever, about anything you want just brings tears to my eyes; what a time to be alive. I have a love for anime/manga and being able to share that with others (even if it’s just 1 reader) fills that certain void that I seek.
  2. Name some bloggers/writers you look up to. Why do you look up to them?Unfortunately, I don’t really have an answer for this. I like to read good content filled with witty humor, good use of references, and personal touches. You could be the worst person to ever grace the internet but if I find your shit entertaining, well then, fuck it.
  3. Have you ever owned a pet? Why or why not?I’ve owned 3 pets in my life so far. Love each and every one of them

    My first fella, JJ American shorthair (I believe).

    Had a white coat but 2 black spots on his forehead and a black tail. Loved this guy. So playful and very obedient. I usually let him out explore the world via my backyard but one day he just didn’t come home. It must’ve been damn near 10 years since then.


    Second recruit to my household, Tiger

    Also an American shorthair. This guy wasn’t as friendly as JJ (and even til this day, lol) but he’s been in this household for a damn long time. Loves to eat and sleep. Fun fact: some time ago, he went missing (backyard exploration) for about a few months. All of a sudden he came back home, sitting outside the window, waiting to be let in again. He came back more chubby, and spayed. I don’t know who took him in during that time, but thank you?


    Lastly, my little champ, Bosco

    A Shih Tzu mixed with… something. My first dog, so generally I spoiled the fuck out of him. Toys and toys and toys for days. He eats, sleeps, and plays like a champ. He’s not really well trained (thanks to my laziness) but he’s fairly obedient and knows how to respond to his name and sits on command; still working on that roll-over though…

  4. Name an/some anime you thought was/were decent and tried to like or love but couldn’t.

    Generic answer here: Sword Art Online. I mean, it really should’ve clicked for me. Got some action, some comedy, some drama, some romance. But for some reason I just couldn’t really get into it.

    Toot my own horn answer here: check my posts with anime that I’ve dropped. Generally a handful of them I should’ve enjoyed.

  5. Briefly list some of your favorite movies and what you like and dislike about them.

    Not really a movie guy, I find them generally too dragged on and lacking for the most part. For a guy with TL;DR tastes, sitting through a damn 1-2 hour movie is painful. Though, I will say—I watched the fuck out of the Harry Potter franchise. Something about the combination of childhood nostalgia, watching the actors (read: Emma Watson) themselves mature in front of my eyes, and such a nice developed universe really clicked for me.

  6. Do you have other hobbies aside from consuming anime/manga/LN/VN–or basically aside from Japanese visual goods?

    Video games: Huge fan of JRPGs, Open-world sandboxes, and certain action/adventure/shooters. Feel free to add me on Steam:

    Food: Who doesn’t love food? I cook my own meals and sometimes like to fiddle with things here and there. My motto in life: “There’s always room for a slice of pizza”Fitness: Ironical, given the previous point. TL;DR + true story = Was once over ~300+ pounds. Now I’m about ~175 lbs. Here’s a screenie from my logs that I keep in Excel:


    Feel free to ask me about health, losing/gaining weight, working out, et cetera

  7. Since it’s still the buzz these days, kindly share your honest thoughts about same-sex marriage.

    Honestly, I don’t give a fuck if a man wanted to marry another man or woman + woman. I’ve never really had opinions about social shit like this (mostly because as long as it doesn’t affect me or my loved ones, IDGAF). We have so much other shit to worry about than some silly shit like same-sex marriage. Same-sex relationships or flings aren’t uncommon but as soon as the word marriage comes up, all of a sudden it’s a big deal? Kindly, fuck off.

Holy shit, wall of fucking text. Hopefully I’ll get to making my own questions list + nominating other bloggers soon. See ya’ around guys.

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  1. Hahaha had fun reading this! But first, I’m a girl. I’m a she/her/hers 🙂

    You can actually link back to my Sunshine Award post, so that this one gets a pingback on my own post. That way, my readers would be redirected to your blog when they click on it. 🙂 (Feel free to edit this out once you’ve done it)

    And yeah, hurrah cats!!! (and dog!) But cats ftw!

    Holy wow. You lost 100+ lbs!? I was going to ask you, but being a \girl\ I think I have different needs and my regimen will surely be different from yours. (I’m not obese, but I’m overweight so I still need to cut down the fat and pounds. I was able to lose 6 kg last year partly due to my intensive work during my internship, but I began eating heavily again after that. orz)

    Same-sex relationships or flings aren’t uncommon but as soon as the word marriage comes up, all of a sudden it’s a big deal? Kindly, fuck off.

    Well said! 😀

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