Kimi no Iru Machi


So… being a blind watcher (I know nothing of the manga), it was recommended that I watch the series in this order:

KnIM: Tasogare Kousaten      KnIM (main series)      KnIM: OVA

First impressions:

– Shit, it’s another one of those teen angst / romantic-dramas… isn’t it? Ugh, kill me now

– What’s up with the less-than-ideal aesthetics?

– Well, at least the music is decent

– What the fuck is this pacing? It’s all over the place

– And… here’s the girl crying

So the prequel (KnIM: TK) looks messy, I’ll skip this and head into the main line

First impressions:

– Holy shit, what.the.fuck. these aesthetics? It’s a total makeover compared to the prequel episodes– and for the worse too! Bringing dishonor to all the previous 2013 shows I’ve watched so far; sudoku please

– This is a pretty good OP fwiw

– So… I can sort of see some romantic development… from multiple angles… oh great

– An equally good ED too? Music game on full flex mode at this point

– What the fuck is this pacing? It’s all over the place”

– Love polygons… huh?


+1 to dropped shows; you’ll probably have a better understanding of things if you familiarize yourself with the manga first. Even then, the show seems average at best. Save your time unless you’re specifically looking for romantic-stories to watch I guess

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  1. The way the anime adaptations were written was very unfriendly to those who haven’t read the manga and have no friggin’ clue on whatever was happening. It was truly confusing, even for me who has read those adapted parts–I’d have to recall what I read to stay on track with the anime’s narrative. A really frustrating watch.



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