Hataraku Maou-sama!



Art / Animation

  • 2013, what a wonderful year for art and animation. What a time to be alive
  • There were some variety in their clothing! Major bonus points right there
  • Lots of great facial expressions in this show:



  • OP = pretty good overall. Might get tiring to listen to after a while but that can apply to anything really
  • ED = while the “visuals” were nice and the song had a nice mellow feel to it, the singer’s pitchy voice really threw me off
  • The ambient sounds and instrumentals used throughout the show were on point, nothing to nitpick about


  • Nobody really stood out in this show, the characters just sort of blended along and coexisted with each other as the show progressed– not exactly a bad thing though.
  • It’s always nice see an alpha male with a sense of humor leading the show

Story / Plot

  • A fairly good setup. I can’t recall the last time I watched a demon -> human travel show
  • Despite having quite a bit of cliches and typical “anime stuff”, it was still entertaining overall
  • The show is flexible enough to interject comedy at the most ridiculous times yet still was able to maintain some seriousness
  • Somewhere along the line, they decided to add filler-like episodes and tried to SOL things up which resulted in slowing the show down a bit
  • Ending (episode 13) seemed a bit random and filler-ish… like an OVA?


  • [YES] this show is worth watching
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