Blood Lad


  • A seemingly wild and over-the-top show yet had pretty good plot direction
  • A surprisingly damn good OP and ED
  • I really liked the artwork, everything was so colorful with a glowy atmosphere. Sure, it’s not KyoAni’s tier of aesthetic but it has its own charm that paired really well with the tone of the show


  • A fucking damn good list of VAs behind the characters
  • Each and every character was fun to watch whether they contributed much to the show or not i.e. even supporting characters allowed for a chuckle or two
  • The show displayed a nice balance of its genres though comedy was definitely at the forefront


  • The ending was rather abrupt, seemingly cut out of nowhere. The manga is still ongoing (as of this post) so take that as you will
  • The OVA seems to further the story a bit. It would have been awkward to squeeze this into the last episode(s) of the main series and the episode itself felt filler-ish so it made for a good OVA episode, lol
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  1. Great series! As you said, the series ended quickly so it would have been nice to see some proper resolution but it was still fun to watch. Good review!

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