Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan


  • +1 to dropped shows; managed about two (2) episodes
  • I have no idea what this show was trying to do. SOL? Food porn? Harem? Comedy? Drama? Magical fantasy?
  • It’s really a shame and such a waste considering the rather good artwork, designs, and the ensemble of some really good VAs (including one of my favorite male VAs: Kamiya, Hiroshi)
  • OP is garbage. I don’t think that type of song is the right mood for this type of show
  • ED is on some kiddy sing along pg-13 type of shit, the fuck man?
  • If there is anything I took away from this show, it’s that bread is love, bread is life. So here are some random pictures of bread
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  1. Lol at least it kinda stayed true to its name and was good at… showing bread? lol



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