TV series:

  • The artwork can sometimes be subpar but it’s well-drawn for the most part; even some standout moments like:


  • I thought the OP was mediocre the first few listens but it somewhat grew on me
  • ED was a great listen. A slow and soothing ballet with equally as good visuals
  • I’m already familiar with this particular zombie/revival setup in other media but as far as anime is concerned, this was the first
  • The characters were all useless fodder trash. The father character is a fucking creep too
  • My face during some of the later parts of the show– especially the ending sequences (yawns):



  • Episode “00” – A backstory-ish plot serving as a prequel to the main storyline. Nothing too spectacular going on here
  • Episode “13” – Some decent visuals and sounds. It felt like any other episode from the main series
  • Episode “14” – A bit of a messy episode. My attention was definitely lost a few times here and there
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