Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne!


Art & Animation

  • Kudos to the drawers and animators for this show. Art is modern and easy on the eyes, animation is fluid for the most part
  • Character designs weren’t anything unique but nothing to nitpick at
  • I really liked Arashi Nikaidou ‘s design, that eye patch + eye color(s) + tanned skin + red hair was alluring as fuck


  • OP is composed of cute and funny scenes but the song itself wasn’t anything special
  • ED is cute but again, the song itself wasn’t anything special
  • Not much stood out to me as far as ambient and background sounds go


  • Surprisingly witty characters and dialogue
  • The characters were all archetype classifiable (yes, even the guy) but entertaining nonetheless


  • Lol really?


  • The source of entertainment are the interactions and dynamics between the characters
  • The show doesn’t rely that heavily on the incestual themes
  • It might lose your attention towards the ending episodes. Be strong, my friends
  • The six (6) specials are strictly fan service (as if the main series didn’t provide enough) so they’re entirely skippable (yawns)
  • Would recommend for harem/rom-com/ecchi watchers

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